Nicki Minaj recently shared a series of screenshots exposing a reporter who goes by the name Sharlene Rampersad for messaging her cousin in Trinidad to ask about the infamous story the rapper had shared about him and his friend.

The screenshots showing the conversation between Nicki’s cousin in Trinidad and the person who identified themself as Sharlene had been taken down. However, fans have managed to capture screengrabs of the same and are now circulating them online. 

What we know of Sharlene Rampersad 

According to Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, Sharlene is a reporter at Guardian Media Ltd. The outlet states that the company confirmed that she was pursuing the story concerning Nicki Minaj’s cousin. 

When Nicki first tweeted about not wanting to get the vaccine only to attend the Met Gala, Sharlene had responded to it critically in a series of tweets. 

In one of her tweets, she said: “What @NICKIMINAJ either does not know or does not care about is Trinidad and Tobago is currently under the State of Emergency. May business sectors are closed and have been for months on end. Vaccination is our way out”

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Another tweet read: “When you use your international platform to spread lies, you hurt us. We aren’t some island fantasy you get to bring up if you’re bored. 1,391 people have died from COVID-19 here. Let us alone now.”

After Nicki called her out, it appears as if Sharlene created a new Twitter account as her new profile has no followers and only consists of a few tweets, all of them related to the drama with the rapper. 

Nicki Minaj’s Instagram stories explored 

The screenshots shared by Nicki showed Sharlene’s texts in what appeared to be a one-sided conversation.

In the messages, the journalist has tried pursuing Nicki’s cousin to get more information about him and his friend, who according to the rapper, experienced rather strange side effects from the COVID-19 vaccination. 

The message reads: “I know you are hesitant to speak with us. But just letting you know, CNN is on the country looking for you.

“And when they find you, they won’t hesitate to reveal where you live or where you gf lives..anything and anyone who is tied to you. If you speak to me, we won’t reveal those details.” 

In the following story, Nicki wrote: “In Trinidad harassing my family. I didn’t want to give details but now I will.”

Reporter to take ‘legal action’ against the rapper

On her new Twitter account, Sharlene has noted that she would be taking “legal action against Nicki Minaj for her own “protection”. 

One of her tweets read: “Unfortunately I will have to take legal action as I have been threatened and doxxed by the likes of @NICKIMINAJ because of her inability to comprehend correctly.”

She wrote in another tweet: “I told @NICKIMINAJ and her cousin, Daniel Maharaj, that I would NOT disclose information unlike CNN. That is not a threat. I will not have to hire a lawyer and file a restraining order for my protection. Nicki Minaj is proving YET AGAIN to be reckless with her platform.”

The rapper is yet to respond to Sharlene’s latest tweets about seeking legal action.

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