With BTS V’s new airport look coming to life after a year, we are bringing up Kim Taehyung’s airport style that has made fashion experts ‘obsessed.’

From top-selling designers to fashion critics, BTS V’s sense of fashion, where he seamlessly incorporates different textures and silhouettes in various airport outfits, has awed the fashion industry veterans.

If you are wondering which are some of BTS V’s most iconic airport outfits by fashion experts, read on.

Photo by Han Myung-Gu/GC Images

BTS V top airport looks

BTS V, aka Kim Taehyung, has quite a few airport outfits which prove why the ‘Singularity’ crooner gets the crown of the most handsome man in the world time and again. Here are some of our favorite looks of Taehyung.

Black on black

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George Collins, a fashion expert YouTuber, talked about this BTS V airport look calling it the best of minimalist and easy fashion that looks chic and expensive, yet fans can easily recreate. The thumbnail of his video says: “Obsessed with V!!!”

The YouTuber also mentioned V’s choice of accessories that complement the look including the black Kangol hat and an oversized leather bag that adds an oomph to the outfit.

Oversized 70’s business look from Taehyung’s airport fashion

One of the dreamiest BTS V airport looks has been dubbed as ’70’s business look.’

Speaking of this look, George Collins especially praised the clever use of silhouettes and textures. The trench coat, cropped trouser, messy hair, and square-shaped sling bag giving the ultimate ‘boyfriend look’ vibe that BTS V fans can’t get enough of!

‘Elite’ fashion king Kim Taehyung

This airport outfit of Kim Taehyung went viral exuding the eliteness that every V fan swooned over. The over-exaggerated coat looking cozy with everything else incorporated proves why V is hailed as the ‘K-pop fashion icon.’

Gushing over this look a fan said, “Remember when Kim Taehyung’s airport fashion went viral, he looks always an elite, a fashion icon indeed!”

Kim Taehyung made the airport his own runaway

Kim Taehyung fans have declared when it comes to airport fashion, V has surely taken it to a runaway level. Here are some of fans’ favorite outfits.

Speaking of Kim Taehyung’s fashion, Ko Tae-yong, designer of top-selling brand Beyond Closet said in his YouTube channel: “You need to have a clear philosophy on clothes, try various styles, and know yourself well” to ace the airport fashion like V does.

He further added, “Taehyung can match clothes and accessories in a way that knows no gender boundaries.” He concluded, BTS V has the ‘number 1 idol face’ who can fuse retro fashion with modern clothing making a distinct impression on fans.

Kim Taehyung airport look 2021

Kim Taehyung was spotted leaving for New York on September 18th, 2021. Check out his outfit below.

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