Play M artists including K-pop icon Apink, boy group Victon, rookie act Weeekly and more will be merging with The Boyz’ Cre.Ker Entertainment. The merger will lead to both companies making an integrated platform. Know all about the latest K-pop merger here.

Both the entertainment labels, who are under the umbrella of Kakao Entertainment, will now merge and have a new name, Kakao announced on September 17th.

According to news reports, the heads of both companies agreed to the merger. CEO of Play M Entertainment, Jang Hyun Jin, and his counterpart at Cre.Ker Entertainment, Yoon Young Ro, will head the new company together.

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When will Play M Entertainment artists merge with Cre.Ker Entertainment?

According to the latest Korean media report, the K-pop merger of Apink, Weeekly and others with The Boyz’ company will take place this year. The integration of two companies into one has been scheduled for the end of the year.

Kakao Entertainment stated: “While independently reinforcing the core strengths of each label, we will also work closely with them to create a powerful integrated synergy and expand our influence across a wide variety of genres.”

The entertainment mogul then concluded: “We will continue to make these kinds of advancements in our multi-label system and bolster our competitiveness in the music industry.”

Lee Jinsoo, chief executive officer of Kakao Entertainment Corp., at the company’s headquarters in Seongnam, South Korea. Photographer: Jean Chung/Bloomberg via Getty Images

List of Play M Entertainment artists

Play M Entertainment has been home to many popular K-pop artists as well as South Korean Entertainment personalities. Though, Apink has changed their agency a couple of times.

The girl group started with A Cube Entertainment which later changed its name to Plan A entertainment in 2016. Later, Plan A Entertainment and another agency named Fave Entertainment integrated to form Play M Entertainment.

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Along with Play M Entertainment’s Apink, here’s a look at the other groups and soloists who are signed to the entertainment agency.

K-pop groups

  • Apink
  • Victon
  • Bandage
  • Weeekly
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South Korean soloists under Play M

  • Huh Gak
  • Jung Eun-ji
  • Oh Ha-young
  • Han Seung-woo
  • Kim Nam-joo
  • Do Han-se

South Korean Entertainment celebs

E&T Story Entertainment

  • Park Han-deul
  • Kim Ye-eun
  • Go Na-hee
  • Ahn Soo-min
  • Shin Hyeon-Seung

Cre.Ker Entertainment artists

Currently, Cre.ker, short for Creative kernel Entertainment, has the ‘Road To Kingdom’ winner K-pop group The Boyz along with trainee Gwon Hui Jun.

Apink and The Boyz fans react to the merger

Apink and The Boyz fans have quipped that the groups will officially be like ‘sibling groups.’ Apink fans have also joked that the group can hardly remember the names of their ever-changing new company.

A fan shared: “So the boyz, Weeekly and Apink will officially be sibling groups! They kinda were already before with all their companies under kakao but now it’s like… official official with the merger!”

A second fan joked, “Someone help Apink They can’t even remember “PlayM”, imagine if it changes again!”

Another similar tweet read, “Please, Victon and Apink still can’t remember PlayMs name and now they’re most likely changing it. Send help!”

After The Boyz’ successful ‘Kingdom’ stint, they had their last comeback in July with their sixth mini-album “THRILL-ING.” Apink released the single ‘Thank You’ to celebrate its 10th anniversary in April. Stream both the singles below.