After a lot of teasing and waiting, Lil Nas X’s much-anticipated Montero is finally out. While all the tracks on the singer’s latest album seem to have swept the listeners off their feet, many are wondering if he has released his Montero merch collection. 

The latest album consists of 12 tracks and fans can’t stop raving about all of them. Some are utterly impressed by the visuals in the songs as well and are hoping to get their hands on merch based on those designs.

Is Montero Merch available in Lil Nas X’s store?

The rapper is yet to release the Montero merch collection on his online store. Soon after the album dropped, fans rushed to Twitter to check if there was any update on the merch, only to realize that it hasn’t been dropped yet. 

Some fans are even suggesting ideas and themes for his merch in the hope that the rapper releases them in the near future. 

While some want to have the Montero album cover on it, others wish to have his signature on the collection. 

Lil Nas X is yet to provide more information on when we can expect the release of his merch. 

Other products explored 

Montero merch may take some time to arrive, but until then, fans can purchase other stuff featured on the singer’s online store

From T-shirts to sweatpants to footwear, Lil Nas x store has a wide range of products available in varied colors and designs. 

If you do not want to go for bright colors, there are a few monochrome themed T-shirts and hoodies as well. 

For those of you who wish for more colors, there is a complete set of nightwear resembling prison uniforms available in pink. The back on the shirt reads: “MONTERO STATE PRISON. 3697955. INDUSTRY BABY. LIL NAS X.”

Fans can’t wait to get their hands on the merch!

It seems like fans are growing impatient as the rapper hasn’t spoken about releasing his merch for the latest album. Many are urging Lil Nas X to get them out ASAP.

One tweeted: “@LilNasX so are we gonna get merch or what? I want physical copies. Maybe signed? Come on let’s get the ball rolling #MONTERO”


Adding to the above tweets, another fan said: “There needs to be a #MONTERO jock strap when you drop the merch!”

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