You’ve likely seen the names ‘Jessie Woo’ and ‘Karen Civil’ crop up on social media, but how much do you actually know about their legal battle?

For the unversed, comedian Jessie Woo sued a social media-known marketing strategist, Karen Civil.

We’re explaining how the legal drama went down.

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Who is Karen Civil?

34-year-old Karen Civil is a social media and digital media marketeer, launching to success with her own company, Always Civil.

As per Forbes, Civil started her career as an intern at Hot 97 where she was a staff assistant for Funk Master Flex. Later on in 2008, Karen took on her own business venture by branding and marketing clients such as YG, Mitch, and Quavo. 

Although Civil has made plenty of headlines for her marketing strategy work, the 34-year-old has also been topic of discussion for another reason: her legal battle with Jessie Woo.

Who is Jessie Woo?

Comedienne and media personality Jessica ‘Jessie’ Woo initially rocketed into fame through her ‘alter-ego’, Cadouskha Jean-Francois.

The 33-year-old also joined the supporting cast of Love & Hip Hop: Miami in season 2.

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Karen Civil and Jessie Woo legal drama explained

Jessie Woo reportedly sued Karen Civil after the marketeer allegedly booked her with a “non-existent company in order to obtain personal information.”

Taking to IG, Woo penned a lengthy explanation of the legal battle. She wrote: “Earlier this year @KarenCivil fake booked me using a non existent company in order to obtain personal information, served me with an extortion case for the sum of 3 Million Dollars at the fake booking and had it recorded it order to pass the video around the industry with the goal to embarrass & intimidate me. Today, ahead of our hearing The Superior Court of California sided with me.

“I want to thank my attorneys Amanda & Billie. I stand by the court’s decision and I look forward to my check being cut by Ms UnCivil. Her LIVE today where she pressed about “Haitian Women Empowerment” was no coincidence. She’s a loser. In real life and in court. She lost. She’s scrambling. Run me my coins @KarenCivil.”

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Jessie later shared: “Let’s go to school really quick kids. In my precious post I state “Today, ahead of our hearing the Superior Court of California sides with me”. Karen’s team tried to make amendments ahead of the hearing and that is when the judge issued her “Tentative Ruling”; basically saying listen, Ive reviewed the case and @KarenCivil hasn’t satisfied what is required to have this case go to trial “. This puts the burden solely on @KarenCivil to prove that I’ve costed her 3 Million dollars. Good luck to her on that… Ms Forbes. What Karen posted is more than a description of a future hearing to take place. I must file a motion for my attorney fees. “

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At the end of the battle, Jessie Woo was able to emerge victorious by submitting a special motion to strike down Civil’s complaint. Karen Civil has now lost the lawsuit.

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