Joey King has been in the limelight since her childhood, but Netflix’s The Kissing Booth films thrust the actress to Hollywood stardom like none of her prior films did.

As fans, we are used to seeing the polished version of our favourite Hollywood stars. It’s been the same with Joey, as we witness her looking very put together during her red carpet and chat show appearances.

But, unlike many Hollywood stars, the 22-year-old often posts many not-so-glamourous pictures of herself on her Instagram.

Not her worst angle

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Not many celebs have the nerve to post a picture of themselves sleeping, especially if it has been taken from an unflattering angle, but that’s not what Joey is all about.

The actress posted a picture and video of herself dozing off during a car ride in March 2021 and fans absolutely adored it.

One fan even wrote, “At least you weren’t snoring.”

But given how unapologetic and real Joey is, we don’t think she would have hesitated to post it, even if she was snoring.

Celebs don’t eat pretty either

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If you eat pretty, you just aren’t enjoying the food enough!

Once again, Joey was the most relatable celeb ever when she posted this pic. It captures a moment when she was blissfully eating what appears to be a cake, unaware of being photographed.

The actress used #PersonalityPic to describe the picture, and all we can say is: Us too, Joey, us too!

Let the girl eat her pizza in peace

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There’s no pretty way to eat a pizza, you’ve got to dive into it.

The Kissing Booth star looks extremely comfy in this picture as she bites into her Pepperoni pizza and holds what appears to be a glass of champagne. Moreover, Joey’s outfit screams “I don’t care,” unlike her put together media persona.

One fan commented under this pic saying: “Girl I love how real you are!”

Eat cereal straight out of the box and don’t be sorry

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There’s no denying that like most of us, the 22-year-old is a food lover.

People’s opinions about having cereal for breakfast might differ, but Joey, clearly, doesn’t care as she eats her cereal right out of the box. Like most of us, she puts convenience above etiquette, at least when the media isn’t around.

The star reveals that she is heading a garage sale in the caption.

Posing with the toilet, always

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Anyone who has been following Joey for some time might already know that she has a weird obsession with clicking pictures in or with the toilet.

Hence, on her 21st birthday, she didn’t forget to click a snap with her toilet. Celebrity gossip website Just Jared’s owner, Jared Eng, commented underneath the above picture of the actress writing, “My favourite room to have conversations with you 💩..”

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