Supposed Liverpool target Yves Bissouma believes he’s the best midfielder in England. The Brighton man certainly boasts confidence.

Yves Bissouma recently gave an interview with the BBC’s Football Focus. There came up an interesting question – who is the Premier League’s best midfielder?

For Bissouma, the answer was fairly obvious – him.

“I don’t want to be arrogant, but it’s me because in my head I am working to be the best,” said Bissouma.

“So I cannot say another name, I know in the Premier League there are so many good midfielders, but for me, it’s me because that gives me the confidence and the energy to work hard to show people I am here and I am Bissouma.

“I just want to be focused on football to play in every game, every week to be good, to help my team win and the rest we will see.”

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Liverpool target Bissouma

Bissouma is seemingly not the only one who holds Bissouma in high regard. Liverpool, among others, would reportedly love to sign the player from Brighton.

The Express recently claimed that the Reds had talks over Bissouma. Brighton supposedly put a £40m price tag on the Ivorian – which could be an absolute steal.

Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

And their interest does seem real. Both the Athletic and Goal have Bissouma down as a Liverpool target. They’ll certainly have eyes on him this season.

As for Bissouma’s comments – no, he isn’t the Premier League’s best midfielder. It’s hard to give that title to anyone but Kevin De Bruyne, really.

But the 25-year-old is unquestionably one of the most talented in the Premier League. And for defensive midfielders, he’s certainly in the discussion.

He’s consistently proven himself to be a wonderful player from front to back and has done it in a Brighton team that hasn’t always delivered. While some may question Bissouma’s statement, the confidence in himself is undeniably deserved.

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