Now that Autumn is here, it means that it’s Han Solo season and no, it’s not the time to celebrate the Star Wars character. So, what does the meme actually mean?

When you think of Autumn, what do you think of? Orange crispy leaves, Halloween or perhaps pumpkin spice lattes?

Pumpkins are actually fruits, so forget the fruit flavoured coffee, it’s time to break out the Han Solo season meme, which is surprisingly in some way, linked to the famous PSL.

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What is the Han Solo meme?

Pumpkin spice lattes go hand in hand with the Star Wars attire.

The Han Solo season meme mocks the female population who embody their inner Harrison Ford for the autumn and winter season with their black puffer vests and tall boots.

According to slang bible Urban Dictionary, Han Solo season is when “the weather dips below 60°F and all the girls break out their Hunter boots and North Face vests so they look like Han Solo”.

Judging from Twitter, it looks like it’s mostly the males who are remembering (and dreading) Han Solo season. It comes once a year and everyone remembers it; it might as well be a holiday!

How to become Han Solo this autumn

Women, if you’ve never tried to fully become Han Solo during autumn, are you really doing it right? Here are some outfits to rock this season.

Black puffer vests

North Face – starting from $99 USD

ASOS – they have puffer vests, and if it gets even more chilly, puffer jackets from $50 USD

UNIQLO – starting from $39.90 USD

Tall boots

Hunter – $160 USD

ASOS –  $39.60 USD

ASOS – $23.70 USD

Zara – $229 USD

Men, you can’t knock it unless you’ve tried it, so here are some options for you.

Black puffer vests

ASOS – starting from $14 USD

Black boots

Timberland – $198 USD

ASOS – $79 USD

SCHUMACHER | Official Trailer | Netflix

SCHUMACHER | Official Trailer | Netflix

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