The release date and time for the Kokomi banner in Genshin Impact is near and its 4 stars characters are now official.

MiHoYo’s free-to-play epic has been celebrating its one year anniversary this month and the arrival of the Divine Priestess will be the icing on the cake. Update 2.1 has arguably been the best version of the game so far, and fans only have to wait until October for the next patch to arrive following miHoYo’s adieu to Inazuma.

While update 2.2 will come out before Halloween, fans will be able to step into the high heels of Sangonomiya tomorrow.

Genshin Impact | Story Teaser: Promise of a People’s Dream

Genshin Impact | Story Teaser: Promise of a People’s Dream

Genshin Impact Kokomi banner 4 stars characters

The 4 stars characters for the Kokomi banner in Genshin Impact are Xingqiu, Beidou, and Rosaria.

All of the above were previously leaked by Genshin Impact Info and Updates on Facebook, but miHoYo has now confirmed their involvement. Rosaria has been a fan-favourite since her debut, meanwhile Beidou and Xingqiu are fighters that players are always looking to pull.

What time does the Kokomi banner come out in Genshin Impact?

The release date and time for when the Kokomi banner will come out in Genshin Impact is 18:00 server time on September 21st.

This has been confirmed by miHoYo who have uploaded a new trailer in anticipation of her arrival. When she makes her debut as a playable chibi, she will only be in the spotlight for three weeks.

She is set to replace the Baal character event wish which features Kujou Sara. Both Baal and Sara are fantastic additions to the game’s roster, so make sure you try to pull them before they are replaced.

Update 2.2

Update 2.2 will begin on October 13th and last until November 24th.

Travelers on PC and mobile will finally be able to unlock the girl kissed by fire, Aloy, during the version. As for what else there is to look forward to, leaks say that there will be an event featuring Labyrinth Warriors.

In regard to what’s official, we know that one of the banners will include Ayaka’s mate, Thoma.

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