Popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer Wood ‘Beatemups’ Hawker had a faux pas on his latest live stream, where his Nintendo Switch was completely destroyed after some DIY.

Hawker is known as a loyal Nintendo fan and his YouTube channel primarily focuses on the publisher’s content as well as Pokemon card hauls, and fan-mail unboxings. The streamer’s videos also have frequent cameos from fellow content creator and wife, Kim, and he has grown a healthy following of 1.3m subscribers on YouTube and 123k on Twitch.

SkateBIRD – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

SkateBIRD – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Beatemups Nintendo Switch Twitch Stream

Before the Switch’s funeral, Hawker sent out a distress call on Twitter, summoning fans to help him fix his console on a Twitch live stream – titled ‘PLEASE FIX MY NINTENDO SWITCH.”

Hawker began by taking apart his Switch until the battery was exposed, after leaning on the chat’s advice on how to disassemble it.

After deliberating over the best way to remove the battery, Hawker tried to remove the adhesive with a rewards card first, before opting for more sturdy tools.

After trying a plastic tool to lever the battery out, which ended up breaking off, Hawker opted to use a pair of metal tweezers. The members of his chat had previously warned him about puncturing the battery, but the streamer continued regardless.

As Hawker continued to fiddle, a sudden burst of electricity confirmed that the battery had indeed been punctured, which caused Hawker to sit in silence for a good amount of time before throwing the device down on the table.

Twitter Responds to the Nintendo Switch Fail

Twitch has witnessed creators puncturing Nintendo Switch batteries before, however, some of Hawker’s followers did not react well to the streamer’s subsequent tweet.

Hawker posted a video of the battery’s downfall accompanied by the caption: “Never listen to chat.”

His followers on Twitter were quick to point out that the chat was not to blame, as users were telling him not to use metal objects when removing the battery.

Others also pointed out that the label on the battery clearly says not to use any sharp objects, and ultimately, his followers said he only had himself to blame.

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