Amazon Prime subscribers will not be able to access HBO on the streaming platform starting September 15. Per reports, HBO will be losing 5 million subscribers after exiting Amazon Prime video. So, let us explain to you the reason behind HBO’s exit. 

However, the subscribers needn’t have to worry as HBO is expected to provide a special offer to Amazon subscribers along with a pro-rate refund based on their billing cycle. 

With HBO having left Amazon Prime, let us tell you how to access your favorite shows. 

What happened to HBO on Amazon Prime?

Earlier this month, Amazon notified its subscribers that their HBO subscriptions will be canceled on the platform starting September 15.

Prior to the cancellation, subscribers were able to access HBO by paying $15 a month. 

But, this deal changed after WarnerMedia decided to remove HBO from Amazon to direct their customers to HBO Max, which is also available on the Prime platform. 

The media company wanted its latest streaming app to become the prime source of shows and movies without Amazon acting as the intermediary. 

This will also allow HBO Max to become its primary entry for users who want to access their streaming content. 

Warner Media has special offers for its subscribers 

Even though the access to HBO through Amazon subscription is terminated, you can still access your favorite shows via HBO Max, which will now be available as a standalone app. 

HBO Max can be downloaded on Amazon Fire TV devices. Anybody who had previously purchased HBO can access it without any additional charges. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “the tech giant is offering $0.99 per month promotional subscriptions — for up to two months — to Paramount+, Starz and Showtime through Sept. 17.”

We’re Here | Season 2 Official Teaser | HBO

We’re Here | Season 2 Official Teaser | HBO

Twitter reacts to HBO leaving Amazon Prime 

Several Twitter users are discussing HBO’s exit from Amazon Prime. Clearly, the subscribers aren’t too convinced with the latest changes as their access to movies and shows will now be restricted. 

One tweeted: “@HBO and Amazon Prime Channels decided to get a divorce tonight. Unfortunately, no communication to me about it. I no longer have access to HBO on my TV without buying new technology. But I can still get Cinemax on Prime Channels, at higher price! #HBOMax”

Another wrote: “Weird. I had an HBO subscription through Prime Video and I guess Amazon sh** canned that deal, effective today. When I tried to resub on the HBO website, there was just no option at all. Chat representative suggested I just create an entirely new account thru a different email.”

Adding to the previous tweet, another user wrote, “HBO cancelled their deal with Amazon and I’m sick. That’s actually extremely rude”

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