For months, fans have been speculating that SZA and Kehlani are dating, and there’s now even more evidence to prove it.

The pair were spotted holding hands on the way to Rihanna’s Met Gala afterparty in New York this week, and fans are now convinced they’re an item.

This isn’t the first time they’ve been seen holding hands either, as back in April, they went out with Lizzo in West Hollywood and were pictured hand in hand.

Kehlani openly came out as lesbian earlier this year, but SZA has never actually addressed her sexuality, and there’s no real proof that they’re dating.

They could just be close friends, but fans are hoping they’re actually an item, and have been sharing memes on Twitter in excitement.

SZA and Kehlani Memes take over Twitter

Me anytime Kehlani and SZA hang out together.

Surely it can’t be a joke?

Shipping them.

She even called her girlfriend on her story.

Can’t unsee this.

When you see Kehlani and SZA holding hands without you.

Please let it be true.

Manifesting a collab now.

Did everyone forget about her new single?

The excitement is real.

These rumours got me sick.

So happy.

Still waiting for that track.

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