Today is Mexico’s Independence Day – here are some quotes you can share and use for Twitter and Instagram captions.

September 16th marks Mexico’s declaration of independence from Spain.

Back in 1810, Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo rang the church bells of the town of Dolores which became known as the “Grito de Dolores” or in English “The Cry of Dolores”.

This was the beginning of the an 11-year war of Mexico against Spain after the country was under colonial rule for over 300 years.

So, here are 10 quotes you can share on Twitter and Instagram on this day.

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10 Mexican Independence day quotes in English and Spanish

  • “Thankful for our soldiers and branches of military as we celebrate our Independence Day. Many of them won’t be home to do the same.” – Unknown
  • “Taking it as a whole, Mexico is a grand city, and, as Cortes truly said, its situation is marvelous.” – Edward Burnett Tyler
  • “Sin importar el tomano de la cuidado o pueblo en donde los hombres o las mujeres, ellos son finalement el tamano de su obra, del tamano de su voluntad de engrandecer y enriquecer a sus hermanos.” – Ignacio Allende
  • “Soy siervo de la nacion porque esta asume la mas grande legitima e inviolable de las soberanias.” – José Maria Morelos y Pavon
  • “Siendo contra los clamores de la naturaleza vender a los hombres, quedan abolidas las leyes.” – Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla
  •  “La lengua guarda al pescuezo.” – Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla
  • “Cuando el pueblo salta sus barreras, casi ningún esfuerzo es bastante poderoso para detenerlo.” – Guadalupe Victoria
  • “Tantos soldados para custodiar una pobre mujer, pero yo con mi sangre les formare un patrimonio a mis hijos.” – Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez
  • “La soberanía dimana inmediatamente del pueblo.” – José María Morelos y Pavón
  • “Morir es nada cuando por la patria se muere.” – José María Morelos y Pavón

How is Mexican Independence Day celebrated?

Every year on September 15th, the president of Mexico appears on the balcony of the National Palace in Mexico City and rings the same bell Hidalgo used in 1810.

The president also delivers a speech and waves a Mexican flag.

In 2021, Mexico celebrates 211 years since it gained independence from Spain.

A lot of countries around the world have joined Mexico in celebrating their Independence Day. Empire State Building in New York and Gama Tower in Jakarta are some of many buildings who have marked the country’s celebrations.

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