Did Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes break up? Fans, who are highly bothered by the question, have flooded Twitter with comments and posts about the Outer Banks stars allegedly splitting as rumors have taken over the Internet. 

Madelyn and Chase, who essay on-screen couple Sarah Cameron and John B, went on to set major relationship goals after announcing that they were dating. However, the latest rumors on Twitter aren’t serving fans well, who don’t want to see their favorite couple fall apart. 

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Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes’ breakup rumors explored 

If you are on Twitter right now, you would have come across a number of posts addressing the alleged breakup between Madelyn and Chase. 

Many of them are beating their brains over these rumors as they are trying to get to the root of it and find out if the couple is doing alright. 

The wild speculation about the Outer Banks stars having fallen apart started after some Twitter users made claims about their relationship facing issues. 

While one Twitter user shared a screenshot of an email that talks about Chase allegedly “flirting” with a girl at a party, another noted that Madelyn was apparently leaving her boyfriend for another woman.

However, neither have addressed these rumors nor is there any evidence to prove the same. So far, the claims about their break-up only appear to be a rumor, but that has shocked many fans on Twitter. 

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Fans think Outer Banks actors are not together

The impact of the rumors was such that several fans became convinced that Madelyn and Chase had broken up. Many expressed their disappointment about the couple allegedly ending their relationship.

One tweeted: “Not me learning Madelyn and Chase broke up. Goodbye. Love is dead.”

Another added: “To everyone saying Madelyn and Chase broke up. I just can’t take this anymore.”

“If the rumours about Chase and Madelyn are true, I will actually cry,” wrote another fan.

Outer Banks 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Outer Banks 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Chase and Madelyn’s relationship explored

One couldn’t help but wonder if Madelyn and Chase were a couple in real life after watching their mind-blowing chemistry on Outer Banks.

After months of speculation, the duo confirmed in June 2020 that were dating. They made it official after Chase commented under one of her Instagram pictures saying: “Heart rate … decreasing … help,” as per US Weekly.

They haven’t shied away from expressing their feelings for each other since.

In November 2020, Madelyn told in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that she’s in “love” with her boyfriend while calling him her “favorite” person.

They often appear in each other’s social media posts and even make it together for award ceremonies and other events. They don’t hesitate to indulge in PDA either.

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