IZ*ONE Chaewon’s Woollim Entertainment journey may be over, fans think after they discovered Chaewon’s name missing from Woollim Entertainment’s Artists’ list. Heartbroken fans are wondering if she would sign with HYBE.

Another former IZ*ONE member Miyawaki Sakura has been rumored to join HYBE. After the Japanese K-pop star came back to Korea, reports suggested that she was accompanied by BTS’ security team provided by HYBE. Later, HYBE responded, “We are unable to confirm anything about Miyawaki Sakura’s arrival in Korea and the BTS security team.”

Following Sakura’s rumored link with HYBE, news reports also hinted that Chaewon has signed up with Source Music for a new girl group that the entertainment agency is making with HYBE.

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Is Chaewon leaving Woollim Entertainment?

While there is no official response from Woollim Entertainment, fans are confident that Chaewon’s Woollim journey is over. The shocking news became apparent to fans after they noticed that Kim Chaewon is not on the artists’ list of Woollim Entertainment anymore.

Other fans also pointed that Chaewon’s Naver website bio and Daum profile also removed Woollim Entertainment as her agency.

Chaewon’s HYBE move, what we know so far

IZ*ONE fans are shattered over this sudden news of Chaewon possibly leaving Woollim and a chance of IZ*ONE reuniting fading away. But at the same time, fans are looking forward to Chaewon joining Source Music which is under the umbrella of BTS’ home HYBE.

According to a Star News report, Chaewon has already signed with HYBE Labels for a new girl group under Source Music. The report explains that the signing happened under tight secrecy in June.

Previously, HYBE officials shared that a girl group is in making which will debut in the fourth quarter of this year. The official had stated, “We have high expectations within the company because the members have the visuals and skills that are comparable with BLACKPINK!”

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Chaewon fans want HYBE to confirm the K-pop star’s joining

While HYBE has kept a tight lip about the details of their new girl group, Chaewon fans want confirmation from the Entertainmnet mogul about Kim Chaewon’s joining Source Music.

A fan said, “if Chaewon is quiet right now that is most likely she’s already preparing for her re-debut, pls remember that her and sakura (if it’s really HYBE) are the first among the girls that are gonna debut in a girl group after Izone which means they will be with new members.”

Another fan quipped, “I miss Kim Chaewon HYBE please give her phone back to her I beg you!”

A third fan speculated, “Chaewon transferring to HYBE in June appears kind of legit now right. Her contract was perhaps in the middle of negotiations before when the rumors spread so that’s why Woollim still uploaded her profile pics and broadcasted the birthday live until everything is settled?”

Slamming Woollim for removing Chaewon’s profile, a fan shared, “Kim Chaewon being sold by Woolim to HYBE is their dumbest move, Woolim your loss! She is no longer on Woolim Artists Website!”

At the time of writing this, neither HYBE nor Woollim has released an official statement regarding Kim Chaewon’s current position.

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