Rumors have been flying around the British soap Hollyoaks concerning the exit of Adam Woodward and his respective character Brody Hudson.

This week’s episode of the soap focuses on Summer’s revenge against Brody and Sienna, as she makes a return to the village. It would appear that Brody and Sienna manage to get the better of Summer, however, a sudden tragedy strikes which is the fuel behind Woodward’s speculated departure.

The Official Hollyoaks Autumn Trailer | Hollyoaks

The Official Hollyoaks Autumn Trailer | Hollyoaks

Is Brody Hudson Leaving Hollyoaks?

It has been confirmed by the soap that Woodward is in fact leaving the soap, after portraying Brody Hudson for four years.

Woodward joined the Hollyoaks cast in 2017, where he was first introduced in Ibiza before appearing in the village. Brody has been a part of substantial arcs on the show, including the soap’s child grooming subject matter, and his entanglement in Liberty and Sienna’s surrogacy narrative.

Now, Brody has become a crucial target in Summer’s act of revenge, and the upcoming events of the show will ultimately be the character’s downfall.

How Will Brody Leave the Show?

Brody’s exit was revealed during Hollyoaks’ new, autumn trailer, where the character is fatally injured in a hit-and-run during his and Sienna’s confrontation with Summer.

The trailer sees Brody being hit and ends with Sienna talking to the police in an emotional exchange.

“I saw exactly who was behind the wheel of the car that hit Brody Hudson,” Sienna says to conclude the trailer, and fans will have to wait and see what name she gives and if she’s orchestrating a setup.

Other imminent plotlines showcased in the autumn trailer include repercussions for Warren after Walter’s attack. Additionally, Tony becomes the new pub manager, Misbah reveals who the biological father is to Shaq, and Mercedes has to sell The Dog in the Pond to a dodgy businessman.

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