Streamers aren’t new to getting banned on social media. GeorgeNotFound is the latest to get a strike on TikTok and fellow streamer, Dream, is furious about it. 

Dream took to Twitter to slam TikTok for banning his pal for the third time. He also called the app out for their guidelines which apparently imposed a “false” strike on GeorgeNotFound’s account. 

Earlier today (September 15), YouTuber Nikita Dragun was suspended from Twitter for using a “graphic” profile picture. However, her account was unblocked soon after she changed it. 

Dream slams TikTok 

Fans learned about GerogeNotFound’s ban from Dream’s tweet as the streamer blasted TikTok in one of his posts. 

Questioning the platform for banning his friend for the third time, Dream didn’t think twice before having a go at TiktTok – not only for banning GeorgeNotFound, but also for not helping him when he tried contacting them. 

The tweet read: “Because George is too nice @tiktok_us fix your f*****g s**t. He’s been banned three times, had 3 of his last 4 TikToks removed for guideline strikes he didn’t commit, and gets a generic response any time he contacts support. Help him you morons.”

Why was GeorgeNotFound banned?

GeorgeNotFound, who had remained silent about his TikTok ban, spoke about it after Dream shared his tweet. He revealed that he received a “false” strike from the app even though he didn’t break any of the company’s guidelines. 

He wrote: “I carried a 65lbs backpack around for 2 hours to make a TikTok just for it to get removed for a FALSE guideline strike after 9 hours when it had 6m views  @tiktok_us. (shoulder bruises from carrying backpack for proof)”

The streamer was previously banned in February 2021, which resulted in fans trending #FreeGeroge on Twitter, urging TikTok to lift his ban. He received another ban in August 2021, just about a month ago, but the reason for that is unclear.

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Twitter supports the streamers 

After Dream spoke about GerogeNotFound being subjected to yet another ban, many fans praised him for supporting his fellow streamer and for slamming TikTok for banning users for no apparent reason. 

One tweeted: “No but tbh it is getting annoying that TikTok keeps doing this to George. Like his TikToks are pretty innocent and yet he gets banned or TikToks taken down. You would think after the second mistake they would’ve learned by now”

Another wrote: “I’m glad George has someone to defend him and speak up because we all know he won’t do it himself most of the time”

Adding to the previous tweet, another user said: “Okay but I really hope this gets solved bc none of George’s TikTok have ever been out of guidelines and also he DID NOT STEAL ANYTHING even tho it’s the point of the trend. My poor man seriously I feel so so bad. “

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