That Animal Crossing Ankha video has caused quite the social media storm, making the rounds on both TikTok and Twitter – but who actually created it? Apparently, the clip was made by Twitter user @Z0NE (ZONE).

A repost of the video, uploaded in February, now boasts over 4M views.

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What is the Ankha Animal Crossing video?

If you’re unfamiliar, you likely won’t be for long. The video is everywhere!

In short, the animated clip sees Ankha, an islander from the Nintendo Animal Crossing game, engage in some pretty NSFW activity.

If you want to read more about it, we have an entire article dedicated to the explicit video here.

Who is the video creator, @ZONE?

Although the Animal Crossing clip is blowing up now on TikTok, an ‘NSFW CONTENT’ Twitter user actually uploaded the animation back in February.

The same user credited another social media creator, with the Twitter handle @Z0NE, describing him as “a legend on the NSFW community.”

Boasting over 200k followers, the creator makes “all those Flash cartoon ‘parodies’, Yes, THOSE ones.”

Judging by the Twitter bio, ZONE seems to be California based.

The user also has a merchandise store on Shark Robot, offering NSFW shirts, hats and prints.

Photo by WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images

When did ZONE make the Ankha animation?

According to ZONE ARCHIVE, the creator first made the video back in January of this year.

The archive reads: “Added a new animation of Ankha from Animal Crossing to the movies section. In honor of the .swf format finally becoming blocked in all browsers henceforth, I wanted to make one last fun swf for you all to enjoy. Ankha seemed like a good choice both because of how long it took for me to get her in Animal Crossing on my Twitch streams, and also because she was the subject of one of the all-time great .swfs by Minus8 (which this is an homage to). 

“I have supplied Flash players for Windows, Mac & Linux as well as standalone Flash Projector apps of the animation for Mac & Windows and also .mp4 movies of the animation all in one large zip file so you have multiple ways of playing it. This is probably how I will distribute any animations that have any interactive elements in the future. While a little more cumbersome, the lack of .swf support in browsers will not prevent me from making any future animations, so do not be too concerned about it.”

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