Since BTS’ travel plans in September were reported, BTS ARMY has wondered: When is BTS going to New York for UNGA 2021? The travel date for BTS’ America trip was revealed in a Korean media report on September 15th.

BTS is all set for their next US trip which is taking place after over a year. The Grammy-nominated music group has quite a few things planned in their schedule.

BTS’ New York schedule will presumably start with their much-coveted presence for UNGA 2021, where they will be representing South Korea as a presidential envoy.

Check out BTS airport looks while leaving for New York in updates below.

BTS officially received their Diplomatic passport and presidential envoy honor prior to UNGA 2021 (BTS Official Twitter)

When is BTS going to New York for UNGA 2021

ARMY previously learned when BTS would give their much-awaited speech for the UN ‘SDG Moment’ event 2021. However, fans are still not sure when BTS will go to New York.

According to the latest Korean media report, BTS will travel to New York on September 18th.

The report further adds that the Bangtan Boys will be leaving South Korea through Terminal 2 of the Incheon International Airport at 7:30 PM KST/ 6.30 AM ET.

BTS will accompany South Korean President Moon Jae-in to visit New York and Honolulu for 4 nights and 5 days from the 19th to the 23rd, the report mentioned. President Moon Jae-in will also deliver his fifth keynote speech at the UN General Assembly.

BTS going to New York on September 18th, says Korean media (BTS official Twitter)



Check out BTS’ airport look for 2021 leaving from Seoul to New York on September 18th.

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Jimin’s Twitter update

Jimin posted on Twitter, “We’ll go and come back well.”

BTS’ schedule for America, 2021 trip

As Coldplay will be releasing their track with BTS on September 24th and also attend the same concert as BTS, titled ‘Global Citizen Live, the next day, BTS ARMY has speculated that the 21st-century pop icons may perform the song together with Coldplay.

So far, BTS has only confirmed their presence for UNGA 2021 and Global Citizen Live NYC, but ARMY is expecting to see a couple of US television appearances as well.

A fan theorized: “Lot of good things are happening..I can feel it in my bones that BTS and Coldplay live performing together might actually happen this time in global citizen festival!”

Prior to BTS’ 2021 New York trip, the group has released their UN campaign, ‘Youth Today, Your Stories.’ Learn how to participate in the campaign here.

Watch BTS getting their Diplomatic passports from the President of South Korea at the Blue House below

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