The TikTok magnet challenge has seen people use magnets in their videos but the trend has been reported as dangerous and has put several children in hospital as a result.

The social media platform has become famous for its new trends, filters and challenges that come and go every few months.

However, the recent magnet trend left a nine-year-old boy going through a life-threatening surgery after he swallowed tiny silver magnet balls.

The boy went through the surgery at Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow and had his appendix, small bowel and 30cm of his large bowel removed.

TikTok – Walking Creativity Trailer

TikTok – Walking Creativity Trailer

What is the TikTok magnet challenge?

The magnet challenge has seen users place small metal magnetic balls on their tongue to create the look of a tongue piercing. Some also place the magnets on their nose to create the look of a nose piercing.

As a result of the dangerous trend, two other children, at the age of 11 and 13, have gone through major surgeries after trying out the trend.

The challenge has seen an increase in hospital admissions as children has faced serious complications after swallowing the tiny magnets.

Please avoid videos containing dangerous trends and report them on TikTok when you come across them.

The trend is dangerous

As explained above, the magnet challenge is dangerous and you should avoid taking part in it.

According to a Sky News report from this summer: “At least 65 children have been admitted to hospital in England for urgent surgery after swallowing magnets in the last three years“.

As per the article, not only are the magnetic balls a choking hazard but if they’re are swallowed, they “…can become forced together in the intestines or bowels, squeezing the tissue and cutting off the blood supply.”

The NHS has been warning people about the magnetic balls for some time. A Twitter post from NHS Wakefield dates back to 2020 which says: “Please avoid giving your child toys with magnetic balls in them, they can be very dangerous if swallowed.”

How to report a video on TikTok

To report a video on TikTok, please follow these instructions

  • Go to the video.
  • Tap Share.
  • Select Report and follow the instructions provided.

Speaking about keeping their online users safe in relation to trends, a TikTok spokesperson told Sky News: “Our Community Guidelines make clear what kind of content is not acceptable on our platform, and this includes content that encourages, promotes, or glorifies dangerous behaviour that might lead to injury.

“The content in question violates our guidelines, and it had already been removed from our platform.”

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