Thriller movies are often the ones that leave our heads spinning as the nerve-jangling films always throw up plenty of twists and turns.

The Hidden Face, also known by its Spanish title La Cara Oculta, is one such thriller to prompt plenty of questions thanks to its mysterious goings-on.

After releasing a whopping 10 years ago, the film has recently resurfaced but the ending of The Hidden Face still leaves fans puzzled and needs to be explained.

The Hidden Face Official Trailer #1 – La Cara Oculta (2012) HD

The Hidden Face Official Trailer #1 – La Cara Oculta (2012) HD

Release date and plot

Originally titled La Cara Oculta in Spanish, The Hidden Face first hit screens way back in September 2011 and has since spawned several remakes.

Produced and set in the South American country of Colombia, the film tells the story of Adrián, an orchestra conductor whose girlfriend, Belén, mysteriously disappears.

Adrián is riddled with grief but finds comfort in a new relationship with a woman by the name of Fabiana and the two move in together at the house he had previously shared with Belén.

However, not all is well with the idyllic romance as Fabiana begins to notice strange goings-on at the house, hearing noises coming from the bathroom sink and being scalded by abruptly hot water.


The Hidden Face ending explained

As the film progresses, we learn that the strange presence in the house is not a ghost or monster but actually Belén, Adrián’s former girlfriend.

We see in a series of flashbacks that Belén had grown jealous of Adrián as he had become close to a violinist in his orchestra named Verónica and she wanted to do something that would make him see her value.

After talking with the house’s owner, a German lady named Emma, Belén learns that there is a secret soundproof room in the house that was built to hide Emma’s husband, a former Nazi SS officer, in case anyone came looking for him.

Belén’s plan doesn’t go smoothly, however, as when she comes to leave the secret room, she realises that she doesn’t have the key to the door.


Back in the present, we see that Fabiana finds the elusive key while the trapped Belén is able to make contact with her by banging on pipes and making ripples in the full bathroom sink.

However, fearing that she may lose Adrián if she frees Belén, Fabiana chooses to leave her trapped.

Eventually, after being shown a photo of Adrián and the violinist, Fabiana changes her mind and she does check on Belén but becomes trapped in the secret room herself after Belén knocks her out.

The film ends with Belén leaving the house that had become her prison while leaving a photo of her and Adrián behind as well as the key to the secret room.

Whether Fabiana is discovered and freed from the secret room is left unanswered.


The Hidden Face is available to stream on Starz via Amazon Prime Video and digital stores such as Google Play in the US. Availability elsewhere is limited.

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