Stray Kids Felix’s birthday is here and Stays are celebrating the treasured day with the superstar who came on a Vlive to interact with fans. Much to Stays’ sweet surprise, Felix revealed that he got gifts from Hyunjin and I.N.

Felix, the globally famed Stray Kids artist, is celebrating his 21st birthday with fans amidst the band’s latest album ‘No Easy’ successfully reigning in the charts.

On his latest birthday Vlive, Felix talked about how he has been celebrating the special day. He also highlighted the ‘Save the Children’ charity that he has been long promoting.

Hyunjin’s ‘meaningful’ gift for Felix birthday touches fans

Stray Kids Hyunjin had a special gift for Felix’s birthday and fans found it heartwarming. Felix explained that Hyunjin has painted a picture that he took with Felix.

The 21-year-old rapper showed the painting to fans and asked, “isn’t it pretty?” The touched birthday boy then wondered, “how did he paint this?”

Along with the precious birthday gift, Hyunjin wrote: “Your warmth sometimes warms my cold heart. I’m happy to be lucky enough to have been born and met a friend like you.”

Fans swooned over the purest of friendships between Hyunjin and Felix.

A fan gushed: “Y’all don’t get it painting is literally Hyunjin’s most special and meaningful hobby that carries such a deep meaning for him and the fact that he shared something that means so much to him with Felix as a way to give him a birthday gift is beyond words! It’s so endearing!’

I.N’s gift

Felix also told fans about the ‘warm’ gift that he received from Stray Kids member I.N. The ‘I Am You’ crooner divulged that the hoodie feels warm and helps him practice when the A.C is too strong and he is cold.

Felix’s birthday charity

On September 15, 2020, Felix talked about donating to the ‘Save The Children’ charity project to help every kid live their life to the fullest.

In an Instagram post, he had written: “Today the reason why I decided to donate to the children in need through “Save the children” is because for a long time, I deeply feel that every child deserves a chance to live their life to the fullest.”

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He added, “I wanted to express my love and support for the precious children. Just as you do for me, I want to share the love and hope that they deserve.”

Following his promise, this year too, Felix came wearing a t-shirt that says “love is everything to me” which is a part of the ‘Save The Children’ campaign.

A fan summarized the birthday live in one tweet: “Tearing up again Felix’s “love is everything to me” shirt and phone case are from save the children organization he’s truly the embodiment of love and warmth and everything safe!”

If you are wondering how you can support the ‘Save The Children’ cause, click here. Watch Felix birthday special Vlive here.

Stream Stray Kids’ latest title track ‘Thunderous’ below.

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