Met Gala commenced on September 13 and saw a range of outfits as flaunted by A-list celebrities. However, cultural icon Sebastian Hernandez turned heads on social media after a picture on the red carpet sporting an indigenous look went viral. 

Sebastian, who goes by the name Brown Skin Hazel on Instagram, has become the talk of the for making a bold statement with their picture. But, there’s more to the story. Let us explain what exactly happened.

Was Sebastian Hernandez really at Met Gala?

Even though several praised Sebastian for drawing attention towards native Americans with their Indigenous look, they didn’t attend the Met Gala in real. 

The picture they shared on Instagram in response to this year’s theme was photoshopped. 

The background for the image was taken from a 2018 picture, which broke the internet at the time as a meme. 

When Beyonce did not attend the 2018 edition of Met Gala, Twitter users started sharing a snap of the red carpet, showcasing an empty staircase and joked that the singer had arrived as a “Holy Ghost.”

Sebastian used the same image and photoshopped themself into it, thus making it look like they attended Met Gala 2021.

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Who is Sebastian Hernandez? 

Sebastian is a Cultural Icon based in Los Angeles. The Instagram bio shows Sebastian prefers being referred to as she/they. 

By profession, they are an Artist, DJ and a Mover. 

They are also the creator of YOU Los Angeles, an underground dance party “highlighting contemporary DJs in Los Angeles.” The official Instagram account for the event says “everyone is welcome”. 

Sebastian also has another account on Instagram dedicated to photos captured by them. The bio on the page identifies them as a “brown LA native.” Sebastian’s actual nationality, however, is unclear. 

The multitalented artist’s main Instagram profile has over 22,000 followers and so far, they have shared 2398 posts. 

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Brown Skin Hazel’s viral outfit explored

The photoshopped picture of Sebastian, which has gone viral, shows them only wearing a long braid styled with feathers while bearing the rest of their body with only privates covered, resembling the appearance of members of Indigenous tribes. 

They shared a picture of themselves walking the red carpet and captioned it, “made an AMERIKKKAN appearance or wtvr”

The picture only shows Sebastian’s posterior and blood splattered all over the body. 

However, it’s unclear if Sebastian is Indigenous by origin or if they simply chose to don the look to bring more awareness towards the community. 

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