Netflix released a documentary on September 15, 2021, outlining the life of former Formula One champion Michael Schumacher. A tragic accident left him on the brink of death and he is still not fully recovered, so how much did he make during his successful career?

Netflix are constantly pumping out entertaining documentaries to introduce audiences to notable figures and events. They have proved to be well-received; Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami reached Netflix Top 10.

Sports fans could watch the recent Untold series about numerous key events in history, such as the Pacers–Pistons brawl and the downfall of hockey team, The Danbury Trashers.

The latest sport documentary chronicles the life of iconic Formula One driver Michael Schumacher. With seven F1 championship titles, joint with Lewis Hamilton, and the most wins at the time of his retire, he definitely raked in the cash, so what is his net worth?

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What is Michael Schumacher’s net worth?

Michael’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $600 million, as per CelebrityNetWorth. This is constituted of his $50 million yearly salary; during the peak of his career, he garnered $80 million – $100 million.

Interestingly, $10 million of that figure was his duty to wear a Shell hat during public appearances – that’s probably still less than Kim Kardashian’s total yearly income from Instagram ad fees of $300,000 to $500,000 per post.

His career with Ferrari began in 1996, after signing a two-year contract worht $60 million and his final racing years were spent at Mercedes, with £20 million for three years.

A huge name in sport means a flurry of sponsorships and advertisements, which was a major source of his income.

German finance comapny Deutsche Vermögensberatung paid him $8 million over three years from 1999, for him to wear a 10cm x 8cm ad on his post-race cap.

Official Trailer | Y: The Last Man | Disney+

Official Trailer | Y: The Last Man | Disney+

Who is Michael Schumacher’s family?

The F1 driver married Corinna Betsch in August 1995 when they were both 26-years-old. Together, the couple share two children; daughter Gina-Marie was born on February 20, 1997 and son Mick, was born March 22, 1999.

Gina-Marie followed the footsteps of her mother for her love of horses; the 24-year-old came first at the 2019 FEI team competition and fourth in the individual.

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Mick, on the other hand, followed Michael into professional racing. He initially used his mother’s maiden name to avoid attention due to his famous father, but began working under Schumacher in 2015, when he raced in Formula 4.

He has since progressed and made his F1 debut on April 2, 2019 and his best race to date was the August 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix where he placed 12th.

His net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

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