Every now and then, a new cult appears on TikTok and confuses people how the trend first started.

The word “cult” on the social media platform doesn’t refer to anything dangerous that people see in movies, it’s just a bunch of TikTok users who are all part of one group and share the same values.

Over the last few months, we’ve seen the viral Step Chicken’s Cult, which was characterised by a blue profile picture, followed by the Lana Cult and the Mexican Horchata Cult.

Now, there’s a new one taking over TikTok, and it’s called the Menace Cult.

TikTok – Walking Creativity Trailer

TikTok – Walking Creativity Trailer

What is Menace Cult on TikTok?

If you’ve been on the social media platform the last few days, you’ve probably come across a series of posts that say: “Join the Menace Cult”.

The posts include a purple devil emoji that is smiling and is dressed in an all-black outfit. There are variations to the emoji, some of them have black hats, other emojis look like anime characters.

The “cult” doesn’t refer to something dangerous, it’s just a group of people who follow each other on TikTok and change their profile pictures to something similar.

Similar to other cults on TikTok, this one is a way for some users to increase their follower count and make their profiles more popular.

Lyrics and song behind cult explained

The song that many users include in this trend is ‘Ryte Night’ by NBA YoungBoy. The single comes from the rapper’s Ain’t 2 Long album and was released in 2017.

Other TikTokers use NBA YoungBoy’s single ‘FREEDDAWG’ in their posts. Some have opted for other artists such as Doja Cat and Drake.

So while the most common choice is the one from NBA YoungBoy, some people have chosen other songs to accompany their posts.

How did the cult start?

The new trend has been trending for a couple of days now but it’s unclear how exactly it first started and became so popular.

The hashtag ‘menace cult’ has gained over 1.5 million views at the time of writing.

Similar to previous TikTok’s ‘cults’ in recent months, this one has taken over the social media platform and confused many people.

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