Liverpool are enjoying ridiculous form from their full-backs right now. The Reds aren’t quite taking advantage of it, however.

Four games, three wins, one goal conceded. Liverpool have certainly started the season well, even if they’ll feel it should be four wins.

But the whole team is shining right now, from back to front. In fact, one part of it is unsurprisingly standing out in the Premier League – Liverpool’s full-backs.

Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson are leading the Premier League in chances created per game. The former, having played every game, is averaging a ridiculous five key passes.

Robertson is only two games into his season but he’s created eight in that time. No one else in the Premier League can match those averages.

That’s not particularly surprising, given the reputation of each. They’re arguably the world’s best left-back and right-back – certainly the most creative pair.

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Despite that form, however, Liverpool simply aren’t taking advantage of it. And maybe that’s a good thing.

Liverpool full-backs shine

Alexander-Arnold has two assists, Robertson has zero. The two are creating chances galore but Liverpool just aren’t putting them away.

Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

We’d be criticising the forwards quite heavily for that if the wins hadn’t come. Instead, the situation turns into a positive.

We know, after all, that Liverpool can score from what these two provide. They’re shattered records for assists from full-back and frequently finish among the top assist-makers in the Premier League.

So the goals will come – that seems clear. And when they do, that should help Liverpool truly explode into life going forward. This is a team that’s already finding goals but there really might be more on the way.

It’s hard to see how any team stands in Liverpool’s way if all comes to fruition.

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