Twitter is filled with posts about Ben Platt being canceled. It isn’t the first time the actor has fallen prey to cancel culture and fans are wondering what he has done this time. 

The Dear Evan Hansen star is trending for all the wrong reasons, as people on social media started pointing at his role in his upcoming movie.

Several seemed to be irked by him playing the title character. If you are wondering what Ben has does this time that’s landed him in trouble, we’ve got you covered. 

Is Ben Platt canceled?

A significant number of Twitter users have indulged in serious discussions about Ben’s role in his forthcoming film. 

Some of the users, who are rallying to cancel the star, have stated his age as the reason. Ben, who is 27 years old is seen essaying the role of a High School student in Dear Evan Hansen

A few movie buffs, who couldn’t accept the fact that he was playing a character who was much younger than his real age, tried to cancel him on TikTok. 

Some of them have even noted that the actor looks “40 years” old and criticized him for accepting a role to which he hasn’t justice.

However, just like the nepotism drama he was caught up in previously, this too is no real reason to cancel him. It looks like this was just a move by some social media users who are against him acting in Dear Evan Hansen. 

Fans support the actor 

Ben’s fans were quick to realize the actor hadn’t done anything to be canceled, and many of them spoke on his behalf on Twitter. 

Some even argued that Ben should be given a fair chance to portray a younger role as many older celebrities have essayed characters much younger than them. 

One tweeted, “I don’t know who needs to hear this but Ben Platt is not and never will be canceled. Please get a grip”

Another added, “love Tik tok but all those kids think Ben Platt is cancelled because his casting as Evan Hansen was “nepotism.” Babes he originated the role ahhhh! I am crying!!!!!”

“Just saw someone say that because Ben Platt acted entitled and said Dear Evan Hansen wouldn’t exist without him he’s cancelled. And because he’s a nepotism baby. GET A GRIP,” wrote another.

Dear Evan Hansen – Official Trailer [HD]

Dear Evan Hansen – Official Trailer [HD]

Ben Platt’s role in Dear Evan Hansen explored

Perhaps, the intricacy of Ben’s character in Dear Evan Hansen is one of the reasons the audience are being so critical.

The actor essays the role of a high school student, Evan, who suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder. The movie also describes the character as an “isolated high-school student who’s aching for understanding and belonging amid the chaos and cruelty of the social media age.”

Besides Ben, the other cast members of the film include Amy Adams as Cynthia Murphy, Julianna Moore as Heidi Hansen and Kaitlyn Dever as Zoe Murphy among others.

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