Apple has introduced the new iPhone 13 series during its event this week and it looks like users have rated one particular colour the prettiest one out of all.

During the September Apple Event on Tuesday, the company went into detail about the phone’s new features, including a faster chip, larger battery, upgraded camera, faster 5G speed and a brighter OLED display.

The phones come in a new range of colours, including a pink, blue, midnight, starlight and product red, and feature a new diagonal style camera.

But one colour out of all stands out the most for many people and that’s the Sierra Blue one.

Being James Bond | Trailer | AppleTV

Being James Bond | Trailer | AppleTV

Does iPhone 13 come in Sierra Blue?

No, the Sierra Blue colour isn’t available with iPhone 13. It only comes with iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro.

The new iPhone 13 Pro devices have come in four different colours – Silver, Gold, Graphite and Sierra Blue.

The Graphite colour is an iconic one for many users as it’s been a popular choice for previous series.

The Silver one is also a traditional option as it has an eye-catching colour but it doesn’t stand out too much to disturb you.

The iPhone 13 Gold one looks similar to the previous series and it will be an elegant choice.

But the newest colour is the Sierra Blue which is a lighter version of the old Pacific Blue from the iPhone 12 Pro series.

Users rate the Sierra Blue as the best one

Since Apple revealed the new iPhone 13 series, the Sierra Blue has become a favourite choice for a number of users. Many can’t wait the get their hands on this particular colour once it becomes available.

One person tweeted: “I’m deciding between a Sierra Blue and a Graphite iPhone 13 Pro… my wife has already asked for a blue one, so I have to take a graphite one? I don’t know.”

“Ok but the new iPhone 13 pro Sierra Blue is so gorgeous,” another one added.

Meanwhile, someone else said: “I like the new Sierra Blue #iPhone 13 but still think the Pacific Blue from 2020 is a far better colour.”

What are the iPhone 13 colours?

There are five different colours that come with the standard iPhone 13 series.

They are red, starlight, midnight, blue, and pink, with the bright pink colour clearly standing out from all five options.

The colour options with the iPhone 13 are less than previous series as there have been at least six different colours.

Apple Event – September 14th

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