Britney Spears has disappeared from Instagram soon after getting engaged to her beau Sam Asghari. The singer said she was taking a “break” from social media, but does that mean her Instagram account is deleted permanently? Will she create a new account?

Britney’s latest action has left several fans concerned as they are worried about her well-being, especially amid the conservatorship drama. The musician always used her social media platform to keep fans posted about the happenings of her personal life.

Did Britney Spears delete her Instagram?

After getting out of Instagram, Britney shared on Twitter that she was “just taking a little break from social media to celebrate” her recent engagement. 

However, she did not talk about deleting her Instagram account particularly, which left many confused about the status of her official account. 

Even though Britney has deactivated her personal Instagram account, we can tell you that she hasn’t deleted it permanently. 

A user on Instagram can either delete their account permanently or deactivate it temporarily. In Britney’s case, since she has spoken about returning, we can confirm that her official account is still intact, currently deactivated. 

Following her break from social media, the singer will continue sharing posts and updates about her personal and professional life on the same account which goes by the handle “@britneyspears”. 

Singer’s Instagram explored 

Just before Britney revealed she would be taking time off Instagram, she shared an article titled “Infusing Education with Heart”, talking about teaching kids with the heart in mind. She also spoke about being “controlled by someone else”, touching upon her legal battle with her own father over her “freedom.”

At the time of the deactivation, Britney’s account had over 34 million followers and consisted of 2683 posts. She followed a meer 47 people. 

The singer’s social media handle was in the news a lot lately as she was seen posting some racy pictures. In July, she posted a topless picture of herself and explained she was “born into this world naked”.

While she hasn’t given more details about the length of her social media break, fans are sure waiting to have her back. 

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Fans react in confusion 

Britney’s disappearance from Instagram has left several fans confused as they aren’t sure what exactly happened to her account. Even though the singer stated break as the reason, some are seen saying Instagram may have asked her to take her account down. 

However, that isn’t true and her account was deactivated voluntarily, sources told Page Six. Therefore, fans can expect to have her back on the platform soon.

One tweeted, “Britney Spears says she didn’t delete her Instagram account. She’s just taking a break.”

 One asked, “Wait, what happened to Britney Spears Instagram?”

Another tweeted, “Gurl we need an Instagram video and a heads up next time to know you’re safe. Congrats!”

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