Since Lucifer first appeared on our screens back in 2016, the series has seen the Lord of Hell face off against countless criminals through his consultancty work with the LAPD.

One of the most vile and dangerous of these criminals is Vincent Le Mec who takes centre-stage in the final episodes of season 6.

But just who is Vincent Le Mec, when was he first introduced and what is his significance in Lucifer’s final season?

Lucifer | Final Season Trailer | Netflix

Lucifer | Final Season Trailer | Netflix

Lucifer season 6: Release date and plot

Season 6 of Lucifer flew its way onto Netflix on September 10th, 2021, only three and a half months after season 5 concluded in May.

After the previous season ended with Lucifer taking on the mantle of God following an all-out war with evil twin Michael, the new instalment sees the Lord of Hell having doubts about taking up his new throne in Heaven.

As such, the world is starting to unravel and what makes matters worse is that a new arrival in Lucifer and Chloe’s lives threatens to rock the boat even more.


Who is Vincent Le Mec in Lucifer?

Vincent Le Mec – whose surname translates to ‘The Guy’ – is a French mercenary who was first introduced in season 5 when he was hired by Lucifer’s evil twin, Michael, to retrieve Amenadiel’s necklace.

During Le Mec and his gang’s murderous search for the necklace, the group come face to face with Dan Espinoza and take him hostage.

Dan doesn’t want to sit quietly and tries to escape but the attempt at freedom ends with Le Mec shooting him several times, leading to his death.

After Dan’s funeral, Lucifer and Maze hunt down Le Mec and his gang, killing every member of the group except Le Mec.

Instead of killing him, Lucifer shows Le Mec his devil eyes and locks the murderer in a hell loop and he is driven mad by the voices in his head.


Le Mec’s significance in season 6

After putting Le Mec behind bars in season 5, many expected that to be the last we saw of the character.

However, in the final episodes of season 6, Le Mec is able to escape from his cell as the guards are distracted by a disturbance at the prison.

Dan – who now exists in ghost form – follows Le Mec, believing him to be tied to not being able to ascend to heaven, and stops him from robbing a grocery store by possessing Le Mec’s body.

It proves to be a crucial act for Dan as it means he can interact with other people again and Dan uses the opportunity to say goodbye to his daughter, Trixie.

It’s a tear-jerking scene and ends with Dan ascending to heaven, leaving Le Mec back in control of his body and free to cause more trouble.

Le Mec’s final act in Lucifer season 6 is to kidnap Lucifer’s daughter, Rory, setting up the chain of events that leads Lucifer to leave Earth and take up his place back in Hell.


Lucifer season 6 is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on September 10th, 2021.

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