A supposed ‘waterproof’ cat is baffling TikTok users ever since a video of the feline trying to take a shower went viral on the platform.

Cat videos are one of the internet’s greatest blessings to its users. Not only do they help us unwind and relax after a long day’s work, the antics of TikTok’s adorable felines inspire many to get a pet cat too.

Recently a cat named Huffie has been making waves on the platform after a viral video featuring him amassed over 5 million views.

Watch the video of TikTok’s ‘waterproof’ cat

Shared on September 8, on the TikTok page named “huffietheshorthair,” the video shows Huffie attempting to take a shower. But, the feline is restricted due to her ‘waterproof’ abilities.

The cat video has been viewed 5.5 million times now and has over 800,000 comments. Huffie’s owner wrote in the caption, “When you’re trying to take a shower, but you’re waterproof,” as we see the feline pawing at the running tap. The water falls onto his fur but seemingly runs straight off to the sink.

While viewers speculated that some magic trick might be involved in this, it is simply the way Huffie is. His owner reveals that Huffie is a British shorthair cat. The breed generally has shorthairs that have a “water-repellent coat.” Their fur is “short, dense and soft.”

Users react to the mystical feline

Just when users thought they had seen everything, a seemingly ‘waterproof’ cat appeared on TikTok’s horizon.

Upon watching the ‘waterproof’ cat TikTok, a baffled user named ‘samirvinga’ wrote, “when did they release waterproof cats.’

Another user named ‘Marc Sadique’ wrote, “I didn’t know British short hair is a waterproof cat.”

“When you want WAP but it just ain’t happening,” quipped Paul, a third user.

Other videos of the celebrity cat

While Huffie’s shower clip has been his most viral one yet, the cat has been the subject of many other hilarious videos. He has hopped on another popular TikTok trend, which shows him reacting to “remembering their past lives when they were worshipped in ancient Egypt.”

Huffie is shown clips of cats being worshipped and the camera records his reaction as he stared deeply into the camera, apparently looking shocked. Naturally, it’s unlikely that cats can actually remember being worshipped, considering it isn’t true in the first place.

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