Quannah Chasinghorse’s 2021 Met Gala outfit was seriously underrated and Twitter viewers had a lot to say about the model’s lack of attention!

Keep reading as we explore the Native American’s debut Indigenous fashion statement as well as the insane social media reactions and more.

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Quannah Chasinghorse 2021 Met Gala look

19-year-old Quannah Chasinghorse made her debut at the 2021 Met Gala and certainly turned heads wearing a dress by Dundas X Revolve, styled by @tabithasimmons.

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The model’s simple but flawless makeup was created by @gucciwestman using Westman Atelier clean beauty, details of which can be found in the caption of a preparation Instagram reel.

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In charge of hair was professional @hollymillshair, who claimed that the trick to Chasinghorse’s shiny strands was heat protectant, triple flat ironing and taking her time.

Quannah even had family and friends helping her behind the scenes as a Navajo jewellery collection, which traditionally represents its wearer’s status, was flown out to dress the model for the Met Gala.

Screenshot: @emelex Instagram story

Who is the Native American model?

Now known as The Indigenous American Girl, Quannah Chasinghorse is a 19-year-old fashion model and activist originally from the Native Village of Eagle.

The teen is a model of Hän Gwich’in (Alaska and Canada) and Oglala Lakota (South Dakota) ancestry and fights as an activist to defend her tribe’s sacred lands and way of life.

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After a busy year, the model was recently featured in Vogue magazine’s article titled “Thrilling Ascent of Model Quannah Chasinghorse“.

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Explore Quannah’s LinkTree to discover more about the Native model.

Twitter reacts to the seriously underrated fit

As well as most social media platforms, Quannah has received masses of attention over on Twitter whereby viewers have been constantly rating various Met Gala looks.

A capitalised tweet praising the model as an ‘Indigenous Queen’ gained over 3,000 likes, tons of retweets and a comment section full of admiration.

Quannah’s mother (@iron.jody) even reposed the viral tweet onto the ‘gram.

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The Met Gala was referred to as ‘the night of Quannah Chasinghorse’ by many supporters.

Indigenous fashion was described as timeless following the 19-year-old’s favoured get-up.

Quannah’s underrated appearance left users wondering exactly who she was, as some even speculated that she is a Goddess.

Another observer expressed their disappointment regarding the lack of Native American guests at the Met Ball, given the assigned theme being ‘In America’.

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