The Eden Prairie police are looking for a man named Mike Elhard, who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. His wife, Kristi Mulliner Elhard, revealed that he has been missing since the morning of September 13. 

Meanwhile, the cops have said they are “actively” investigating the case and trying to gather all the information about the missing man. Mike’s family and friends are also organizing a search for him. 

Who is Mike Elhard?

Mike is a 39-year-old man from Eden Prairie, who has been missing since Monday after he went out for a run. 

In a Facebook post, his wife revealed that he left home around 10:00 AM on foot. He had no wallet or ID on him. He was wearing shorts, a running shirt, a black visor, paired with Black and White Brooks running shoes. 

His Facebook profile shows that he has been working at Ecolab in Saint Paul, Minnesota since January 2018. As per EP Local, Mike was training for the Chicago Marathon and often ran east into Bloomington. 

Another neighbor noted that he was wearing a “bright yellow and green tank top” when he was spotted running. 

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Ron’s Gone Wrong | Official Trailer | 20th Century Studios

What we know of missing man’s personal life

As for his personal life, Mike seems to have two children, both sons, with his wife. 

He was last active on Facebook in January 2019, when he updated his display picture. He’s seen sharing the frame with Kristi. 

One of the cover pictures on his Facebook, which dates back to 2015, is from a marathon weekend. It is clear that Mike has always had a passion for track. 

His wife has urged her friends on Facebook to help trace her husband’s whereabouts or share any relevant information that can help the police find him.

Meanwhile, EPPD Sgt. Lonnie Soppeland said that they’ll provide any additional information about Mike in a subsequent press release. 

Twitter users extend support 

Several Twitter users have come forward to extend their support to Mike’s family while urging one another to join the search to find Eden Prairie’s missing man. 

One tweeted, “This is a good friend of our family and childhood friend of my husband. He has two beautiful little boys and his wife Kristi who need him. Please help if you can…a sweet guy. Please help find Mike (or “Elhard” as we know him).”

Another tweeted, “Mike Elhard of Eden Prairie went missing this morning. Please meet at the red tent in the parking lot of PAX Christi Church in Eden Prairie, MN at 10 p.m. At this time, family & friends are organizing this. Bring lights, reflective gear, rain gear, good shoes, etc”