Met Gala or Hunger Games? Dresses remind fans of Capitol fashion

Olivia Olphin

This year’s Met Gala referenced American fashion and culture throughout history, from Billie Eilish’s Marilyn Monroe inspired dress, to Cara Delevingne’s ‘peg the patriarchy’ corset. However, many people on social media couldn’t help but think that the flashy outfits reminded them of the Capitol fashion from The Hunger Games.

The Met Gala reminds fans of The Hunger Games

In The Hunger Games the Capitol is a kind of utopian city at the heart of 12 surrounding districts. Those who live in the Capitol live a decadent and opulent life at the expense of the 12 districts who keep them supplied with food, coal and water.

The Hunger Games was an iconic look the the inequality of class structures, and critiqued those who hoarded wealth. While the Met Gala is no dictatorial city and there is no President Snow lurking in the shadows, some of the dresses do appear very similar to some of the most memorable outfits from the films.

Many people have taken to social media to share their opinions on the similarities between The Hunger Games and the Met Gala.

HALSTON | Official Trailer | Netflix

HALSTON | Official Trailer | Netflix

What is the capitol fashion like in The Hunger Games?

In Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games the capitol city residents are described as: “oddly dressed people with bizarre hair and painted faces”.

To a young Katniss Everdeen from district 12, who has worked hard to survive her whole life, these flashy and vibrantly dressed people seem like they are from another world.

Katniss’ handler Effie Trinket is known for some of her more outlandish looks in the books and the films, whether this is a full outfit made of butterflies, or her iconic bleached eyebrows. Fans of The Met Gala think that she would own the red carpet.

The large hair pieces, and huge sweeping gowns of the Met Gala are reminiscent of the incredible costumes designed for the film by Judianna Makovsky.

Just take a look at Iman’s incredible outfit from this year.

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

We can’t wait for next year’s Met Gala! May the odds be ever in your favour.