Drake has revealed alternative album cover designs from a number of different artists on Instagram. Who is Luis Mora?

The Canadian singer and rapper continues to celebrate the successful release of his sixth studio album, Certified Lover Boy, which dropped on September 3rd this year.

In a series of new Instagram posts, Drake showed artwork that didn’t make the final cut of his new album cover.

One of them includes a picture from Luis Mora but who is he?

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Drake reveals alternative album covers

Taking to Instagram yesterday, Drake posted a series of images that could have been the album cover of Certified Lover Boy.

The final album’s cover comes from artist Damien Hirst and one of his earliest sketches was shared by the Canadian rapper on social media.

Another picture shows a mysterious woman hugging Drake which was shot by Luis Mora. Drake and the woman are both dressed in black and share an intimate moment in the scene.

But there are a lot of people who are interested to learn about Luis and the work he does.

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Who is Luis Mora?

Luis is a skateboarder, social media star and photographer.

He gained popularity for his skateboarding videos on YouTube which include a ‘Skate Day’ in places like Los Angeles, Santa Monica and San Fransisco.

His YouTube channel has gained a whopping fan base of 1.49 million subscribers.

One of his videos is titled “Justin Bieber Skateboarding” that features some of his friends taking on the role of Bieber and Eazy E.

He comes from Lake Tahoe, California and tied the knot with his partner Masumi on September 6th, 2019.

Meet Luis on Instagram

Luis might have only 15 posts but he has amassed the impressive 426,000 followers on his Instagram profile.

His account features skateboarding videos and snaps with his wife. In a post from July 2020, Luis received the famous golden play button from YouTube for passing 1 million subscribers.

You can find him under the handle @luismoravids.

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