Sometimes a movie trailer comes along that has you rubbing your eyes in disbelief.

Is this real? Am I imagining it? Is this an SNL sketch that I somehow missed? This is… well, certainly interesting.

There have been plenty of examples of this recently, from Willy’s Wonderland starring Nicolas Cage fighting Five Nights at Freddy’s-esque animatronics to F9, which took the franchise to new places. If you know, you know.

However, perhaps no trailer this year has left the masses scratching their heads like the one for Karen.

Directed by Coke Daniels, it’s billed as a crime dramedy that borrows its name from the well-known meme trend of an easily angered woman. It really has to be seen to be believed, so before you demand to see the manager, let’s address where to watch Karen and whether it’s on Netflix.

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Where to watch Karen

Karen is available as a rental or purchase from $3.99 and $9.99, respectively on such streaming services as Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft Store, and Vudu.

Alternatively, Netflix Life highlights that, as a BET original movie, it will be screening on BET on Tuesday, September 14th 2021 at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT.

It will also be repeated for those who missed out on Friday, September 17th at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on the same channel.

It is not on Netflix, but it’s possible that the movie could arrive on BET’s streaming service BET+ in the future. Nevertheless, it’s easy to access through any of the above methods in the meantime.

As for what to expect, we follow Malik and Imani, a young Black couple who move into a new suburban home and are immediately greeted by their neighbour, Karen Drexler. As the narrative progresses, her racist views and stereotypical “Karen” behaviour begin to rise to the surface. Yes, really.

Karen Movie Teaser/Trailer

Karen Movie Teaser/Trailer

Streaming Karen in the UK

If you hop onto Amazon Video in the UK and notice that it’s not available, not to worry.

Although unavailable in the UK at the moment, you can still access the film courtesy of a VPN by following these four easy steps:

Step 1. Pick a VPN Tool

There are a wealth of VPN tools out there but we recommend the likes of Express VPN, VPN Hub, Panda, Cyber Ghost, Nord VPN, Pure VPN or Vypr VPN. All of them will cost a little bit of money, although some of the tools offer free 30-day trials.

Step 2. Download and Install

Simply sign up to your chosen VPN tool – usually via one, three, six or 12-month deals – and download the tool.

Step 3. Follow the Instructions

Each VPN tool comes with different guidelines. However, they’re all relatively easy to follow but may vary depending on whether you have a MacBook or Windows software.

Step 4. Watch Karen

With the VPN correctly set up, you should now be able to access any USA or worldwide website. This means that you can watch movies on US Amazon Video.

“I fully expected this…”

Speaking with The Daily Beast, director Coke Daniels opened up about his thoughts on the trailer reaction:

“I loved it. I fully expected this when I wrote that ominous word on the title page. What’s amazing about it is, the point of us making this film was to spark dialogue and continue conversations about social injustice and racism in this country, and with all the hype, hysteria, love, hate, everything, it just creates the perfect platform for us to really set the stage for that discussion.”

He added: “I knew this was coming. It’s a delicate subject matter and these are very trying times, so I respect everyone’s opinion—even if I don’t necessarily agree with them—because I want to have dialogue…”

Karen is now available to rent or buy on streaming services.

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