MET Gala 2021 is here and Twitter users are engaging in circulating some of the funniest posts. One that has taken over the platform is a meme of a man falling down the stairs, and many believe the person in the picture is none other than Jason Derulo. 

As fans realized that Jason will not be attending this year’s Met Gala, a picture allegedly showing the singer tumbling down the stairs has gone viral on Twitter, and everybody is confused about what’s happening.

Let us explain!

Jason Derulo Falling Down Stairs meme explained

Currently, a meme that is deemed as a picture of Jason falling down the stairs is making rounds on Twitter, but is it really him? The answer’s no. 

According to Know Your Meme, the origin of this meme dates back to 2015. The original version was credited to @dashausofjack, who isn’t active on the platform anymore. However, the meme continues to leave fans in splits even to this day, about six years since it was first created.

The meme convinced many that it was in fact Jason falling down the stairs in the picture. It became so viral that the singer himself had to provide a clarification to end the rumors. 

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But, history repeated itself in 2018, when the same meme went viral during that year’s MET Gala. 

As far as the meme is concerned, it shows a man dressed in a white suit falling down the stairs headfirst, while members of the security staff in the vicinity try to grab hold of him. 

What does the singer have to say about the viral meme?

In a video by Audacy News, Jason has expressed his views about being the subject of the meme. 

He explains, “I was actually in rehearsals in L.A. The Met Gala was actually in New York… and I just thought it was hilarious.” He further claimed that the bogus picture had members of his family concerned. 

“My grandmother, she’s 93-years-old, she called me. She’s like ‘Are you alright? I heard you fell down the stairs,’” Jason adds. 

Despite the singer’s clarification, the infamous meme manages to surface on Twitter during almost every big event, including the Golden Globes and the Emmys. 

Twitter can’t get enough of it! 

While some find themselves wondering if Jason is at the MET Gala 2021 and if the falling man in the picture is him, others are simply busy having a good laugh. 

One tweeted, “What’s more American than Jason Derulo falling down the steps at the met gala”

Another joked, “Has Jason Derulo fell down the steps at the Met Gala this year yet?”

One wrote, “How can Jason Derulo continue with his career knowing he trampled down them stairs like that?? I would hate this day if I were him”

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