How long it takes to beat the Deathloop campaign will wildly differ in amount of hours from player-to-player because of Julianna and other features.

Its countless trailers and gameplay demos were annoying and repetitive, but the good news is that the final product is wildly different as it’s instead clever and gripping. Colt is a badass, the story and world oozes charisma and style around every bend, and Julianna is one of the best video game characters of the year so far.

Whether you dash through the story at relentless speed or take your time as the world’s most patient assassin, there’s plenty of mileage in the game to justify your buck.

Deathloop | PlayStation Showcase 2021 Story Trailer

Deathloop | PlayStation Showcase 2021 Story Trailer

How long is Deathloop to beat?

Deathloop is 15-20 hours long to beat.

Most outlets agree that it takes the above amount of time to beat the campaign, but you could finish it sooner or longer depending on how much you explore. There are several secret areas and routes to find, and the game is a puzzle much like Dishonored.

There are several ways you can go about eliminating your targets, and this will result in the game’s length being longer or shorter. It’s also a mystery that you must solve meaning your intelligence and intuition will also determine how much time you spend in the loop.

Stealth or guns blazing

Whether you prefer stealth or approaching set pieces all gung-ho will also either extend or shorten the game’s length.

Being all meticulous and perfect could make you slower, whereas annihilating everyone with your guns and arsenal of powers could make you an indestructible force that breezes past every enemy. On the other hand, stealth could be quicker if you know precisely where to go while going in with a loud bang could get you killed repeatedly.

Julianna and multiplayer

Another aspect that might make Deathloop longer to beat is the inclusion of Julianna and multiplayer.

Even as an AI she might eliminate you repeatedly on the way to your target, but she will be even harder to survive if you have online enabled. Similar to Dark Souls, this will allow any player from the around the globe to invade your world and put an end to your progress.

If this sounds annoying and unfair, the good news is that you can become Julianna yourself to pester other players. This will greatly extend your amount of time with the game as Julianna is fantastic to play as and there’s unique rewards for you to unlock as her.

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