Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell just re-ignited the craze for TikTok’s Grace Kelly challenge after posting their rendition of the famous lines from Mika’s 2007 song.

The popularity of the TikTok challenge has almost always been high since it first came out, but it did slow down over the past month. However, things changed after Ryan and Will, who have been working on the Christmas musical film Spirited for some time now, hopped on the Grace Kelly challenge bandwagon.

Fans are talking about the trend, as it has gone viral all over again.

What is TikTok’s Grace Kelly challenge?

The viral trend sees users perform the harmonies from Mika’s 2007 song, Grace Kelly. They sing the chorus of the song with the lyrics “I could be brown/I could be blue/I could be violet sky/ I could be hurtful/I could be purple/I could be anything you like, in different pitches.

The users then have their voices (in different pitches) overlapping as they move to even higher tones.

They go from the lowest note to the slightly less low part, then move to the high note, until they finally try to hit the extremely high vocal, almost cord shredding note. In the end, they finally try to reach the note Mika used to sing this part of the song.

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Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell’s version explored

Ryan took to his social media to post his rendition of the Grace Kelly TikTok challenge.

Initially, it seems like Ryan is the only one doing this challenge, as he tries to hit all the notes correctly. However, out of nowhere as the Deadpool star tries to get to the “kinda” high pitch part, his co-star, Will, enters from the right and sings the high note.

Will goes on to add more of his own harmonies as he hits higher notes and Ryan hilariously acts annoyed.

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In the caption, Ryan wrote, “Late to the Grace Kelly Tik Tok trend but WAY early for our Christmas movie musical.”

Ryan and Will have been working on Spirited, described as a modern musical reimagining of Charles Dickens’ 1843 novella A Christmas Carol, since 2019. The actors star alongside Octavia Spencer and Sunita Mani in the upcoming film.

Fans react to actors’ rendition of the trend

The actors’ fans were thrilled to see their favourite stars perform the iconic song. Here are some notable reactions.

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