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Robbie Savage reacted in shock on BBC Radio 5 Live Sport to a Leeds fan suggesting that Pascal Struijk will be worth ‘£100 million’ one day.

A Leeds fan called up to 606 and made the suggestion about the 22-year-old.

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Every Man City Striker Since Robinho: Where Are They Now?

Struijk hit the headlines for the wrong reasons on Sunday, albeit in unfortunate circumstances, when he was sent off against Liverpool.

It was his tackle that resulted in Harvey Elliott suffering a serious injury, although there was no malice, aggression or out-of-control nature to his challenge.

Nonetheless, a Leeds fan made the following claim about Struijk, and Savage was so surprised at his comments that he had to ask him twice about what he had just said

“The person I actually came on here and said will be a £100 million defender, one day,” said the Leeds fan. “And I still don’t think he will be far off that.”

“Did you say Pascal Struijk will be a £100 million defender?” asked Savage.

Savage then responded with shock and stated once again: “He will be a £100 million defender?”

The Leeds fan added: “Well, I suppose it won’t be much in 10 years time because we will be spending £500 million on trying to bring in a decent midfielder, which we should have done in the summer.”

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Any player that gets an education at Ajax’s academy is worth his salt and they must have something in their locker.

In world football, there isn’t a better technical and mental education you can receive than at one of Holland’s biggest clubs.

But it is still a far stretch to suggest that Struijk will, one day, fetch such a big, big fee in his career.

Then again, the transfer market is off the charts and it does seem as though you don’t have to do much to do in order for your fee to sky-rocket.

Former Leeds loanee Ben White is a prime example, after only one Premier League season under his belt, Arsenal were paying £50 million for his ball-carrying talents (BBC Sport).