The main character of Deathloop is Colt but you can also play as his nemesis Julianna in multiplayer to unlock some neat outfits.

Many outlets are regarding Arkane Studio’s newest masterpiece as an early game of the year contender. It’s stylish and clever, it has an interesting story complimented by an arsenal of unique powers, and it also has a fantastically hot duo at the forefront of everything.

Colt is the troubled protagonist stuck in the time loop, but it’s his arch-enemy who steals the spotlight.

Deathloop | PlayStation Showcase 2021 Story Trailer

Deathloop | PlayStation Showcase 2021 Story Trailer

How to play as Julianna in Deathloop

You can only play as Julianna in Deathloop once you’ve unlocked the multiplayer mode, Protect the Loop.

To unlock multiplayer and Protect the Loop, all you need to do is complete the game’s tutorial and move past the first day. Once you’ve done that, you will find the mode in the main menu.

Selecting Protect the Loop will allow you to invade either a random person’s world or one belonging to someone on your friends list. You will be in the body of the curly haired assassin, and your goal will be to eliminate Colt before he assassinates one of his targets.

How to unlock outfits in Deathloop

Fans unlock outfits in Deathloop by playing as Julianna in Protect the Loop.

After you’ve unlocked the multiplayer mode, you need to start killing Colts to level up her Hunter rank. As you level her up, you will be rewarded with some snazzy clothes for either the main protagonist or his wicked enemy.

This is the only way to unlock outfits in the game, but you will have more available at your disposal if you pre-ordered and bought the Deluxe edition.

Change outfits

Players can change outfits and skins by selecting Loadout on the main menu.

This will allow you to switch between Colt and Julianna to sort out their inventory and pick out their wardrobe. Julianna has 13 styles and skins available, meanwhile Colt has a whopping 19.

Lots of the clothes are snazzy and befitting of the game’s aesthetic, and they freshen things up as you can do away with Colt’s standard leather jacket for a bright blue suit or even make him topless.

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