BTS ARMY can finally look forward to a confirmed date for BTS’ UN speech in 2021 where the Grammy-nominated South Korean music band is set to attend the UN general assembly’s ‘SDG Moment’ event. If you are wondering where to watch it live, we have got you covered.

According to South Korean media reports, Bangtan Boys will attend the ‘SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Moment’ ceremony of the United Nations General Assembly with the South Korean President Moon Jae In.

As the presidential special envoy for future generations and culture, BTS will address the youth and deliver a third UN speech. Prior to the band’s speech, Bangtan Boys has initiated another campaign called ‘Youth Today, Your stories’ to urge fans to tell their own stories about the last two years.

BTS UN speech 2021 date confirmed

On September 14th, South Korean media reported that BTS went to Blue House and the President officially appointed them as the ‘Presidential Special Envoy for Future Generations and Culture’.

BTS will reportedly attend the ‘SDG Moment‘ event on September 20th from 9 AM to 6 PM EST/ Sept 20th, 10 PM KST to Sept 21, 7 AM KST where the group will deliver a speech of hope. Blue House stated: “BTS has delivered messages of comfort and hopes to the world. It is expected that it will be a meaningful opportunity to lead.”

The report added that BTS has also received diplomats’ passports and fountain pens from the President himself. The South Korean president, who has always been supportive of BTS’ groundbreaking success, also welcomed them with a ‘fist bump’ and applause, said the report.

Where to watch BTS at ‘SDG Moment’ event?

BTS ARMY from across the globe can live stream BTS’ UN ceremony appearance. Watch the event live on September 20th from 9 AM TO 6 AM EST at United Nations’ Twitter and YouTube handles. Check the schedule below.

Will BTS attend the ‘SDG Moment’ event of 76th General Assembly in person?

BTS ARMY has been constantly discussing if BTS will travel to New York to attend United Nations’ 76th General Assembly 2021 in person. An earlier report noted that HYBE is preparing for the travel by vaccinating all the staff members.

Photo credit should read YOAN VALAT/AFP via Getty Images

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Yongsan-gu on the 13th, HYBE submitted a list of 100 staff members to Seoul and Yongsan-gu asking to give them priority to the COVID-19 vaccine. As the reason for priority, HYBE wrote, “departure for special activities.”

Based on speculations as BTS has already received Diplomats passports from the President, they will likely leave for New York soon.

Photo credit should read YOAN VALAT/AFP via Getty Images

Another rumor in the report mentioned that as many as 100 staff getting priority vaccination can also mean that the 21st-century music icons are soon to resume their ‘overseas tours.’

An agency official explained, “The fact that the company vaccinated about 100 staff members at the same time for the purpose of leaving the country means that their singers’ tours and fan meetings will be held overseas.”

The rumor further says that the group can hold concerts in Singapore and the US in mid-November.

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