Met Gala 2021 is here and fans couldn’t wait to witness the Anna-Wintour helmed fashion event. Amid all the anticipation, it was TikToker Addison Rae’s alleged invite to the annual event that created a lot of buzz. Now that the night is here, we can finally tell you if the social media star walked the red carpet. 

For a long time, rumors were rife that Addison had been invited to the fashion event. When trolled about being treated as a waitress by Lady Gaga, the influencer even joked about it but remained mum about going to the event. 

Is Addison Rae at Met Gala 2021?

We have some news for those who believed Addison’s invite was a joke. 

Addison is among the attendees for Met Gala 2021 and she made her red carpet appearance only a few moments ago. 

The TikTok star was one of the first few to arrive at the event and she looked very different from her usual self. 

This year, several celebrities are not attending Met Gala, and trolls are busy circulating pictures from previous years, thus causing a lot of confusion. 

But, Addison is confirmed to be at the event and her choice of outfit for the night is being widely discussed. 

Addison Rae’s Met Gala costume explored

Met Gala has for years showcased the most uniques outfits. Celebrities put their fashion skills on display and there is no dearth of creativity. 

However, Addison’s choice of dress for the night seems to be drawing a bit of criticism as fans have noted she didn’t try anything extraordinary to stand out among several other stars. 

She wore a “vintage” 2003 Tom Ford for Gucci and Twitter users felt there was nothing “vintage” about it. 

No sooner, many started circulating memes related to Addison’s outfit for the night. Some even poked fun at her blonde hair.

Twitter reacts to TikToker’s arrival at the event

Even though Addison was seen walking the red carpet and sharing her experience of attending the event, many continue to wonder why exactly she was invited to one of Hollywood’s biggest nights. Meanwhile, some still can’t believe she actually made it to Met Gala 2021.

One tweeted, “#MetGala so Addison Rae is really there, I thought it was a joke”

Another tweeted, “Please tell me why tiktokers are at the met ADDISON RAE BEING IN THE SAME ROOM AS GIGI HADID DOES NOT FEEL RIGHT”

Another tweeted, “who let addison rae in at the met gala we need to have a serious conversation rn”

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