Earlier today (13th September 2021), Disney released the highly anticipated trailer for their new Marvel Studios series, Hawkeye.

Directed by Rhys Thomas & Bert and Bertie, the series will premier on Disney+ on the 24th November 2021.

The trailer is #1 trending on YouTube, and already has over 6 million views, so it’s safe to say it’s been the topic on everybody’s lips…

If you’ve been left puzzled by the trailer, and are wondering who Kate Bishop is, and how she knows Hawkeye, then you’ve come to the right place. All your questions from the trailer are answered here…

Who is Kate Bishop to Hawkeye?

You may be thinking… who is Kate Bishop? Who is Hawkeye? What is their relationship? Well, let us explain all!

Kate Bishop is from the Young Avengers #1. In the comic, she accepted the name of Hawkeye, as Clint Barton (Hawkeye) was dead at this point in time.

Official Trailer | Y: The Last Man | Disney+

However, since Clint Barton was brought back to life by Scarlet Witch, the two characters now share the name ‘Hawkeye’

Clint is now Kate Bishop’s mentor, as he’s taken it upon himself to train her as they share the same identity, so this series should be interesting…

Hawkeye trailer breakdown

The trailer showed us exactly what to expect from the MCU series, so let’s break it down…

The trailer begins with Clint out for dinner with his family, where they claim it’s the first Christmas they’ve spent together in a long time.

Clint sees on TV that somebody has taken over his Ronin mantle.

He then finds out this is Kate Bishop, who claims to be the ‘worlds greatest archer’

The Tracksuit Mafia attempt to blow up Hawkeyes apartment, which is known for having disputes with both Kate Bishop and Hawkeye in the comics.

Further into the trailer, Clint is captured by them but is saved by Kate (phew!)

After Clint and Kate stand back to back to battle the Tracksuit Mafia, we then see what we think is the first look of the alleged villain (Madame Masque) who is set to appear on the series!

Marvel fans react to Hawkeye!

Marvel fans can’t contain their excitement after watching the trailer for Hawkeye. Let’s check out some reactions on Twitter!

The trailer has left room for many questions, such as where is Clint’s wife, and why was she missing from the table at the beginning?!

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