A concerned mom has called out a Texas school board after a profane book, Lawn Boy, was found in the library. TikTok user @cheeseslave uploaded footage of the board meeting, which has since gone viral.

The book was reportedly found in a school in Leander, Texas.

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Viral Texas school board TikTok explained

A TikTok user with the handle @cheeseslave posted a video, seeing a mom read out a passage from an explicit book, allegedly aimed at 4th graders.

The book, titled Lawn Boy, was apparently bought under the impression that it was aimed at children, due to another book of the same name. However, this specific one, written by Jonathan Evison, promoted graphic and profane language, blatantly inappropriate for children.

With the clip now boasting over 40k likes, the mom can be heard telling the school board that her son thought the book was about “a kid mowing the grass at Disney Land.”

What is the Lawn Boy book?

It turns out that there are, indeed, two books titled Lawn Boy.

As mentioned in the TikTok, one book, written by Gary Paulsen, is aimed at children and young adults. The novel focuses on a 12-year-old boy mowing lawns, exploring themes of capitalism and money.

On the other end of the spectrum, the other title is targeted towards adults and, as heard in the viral clip, uses incredibly explicit language.

It’s not clear if the school in Leander, Texas was aware of the separate titles, but it was likely a mistake.

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TikTok users react to graphic book video

As the footage made the rounds on TikTok, many were left in shock to hear that the graphic novel had been in reach to 4th Graders.

One user wrote: “So glad that mama stood up!!!’

Another confirmed: “Hi, English teacher here! There’s another book with the *same* title by a very popular young adult author, Gary Paulsen. Probably a mix up!”

Somebody else commented: “I wonder if it was confused with Lawn Boy by Gary Paulson which is an excellent book.”

“I’m disappointed, Texas!!! Good for you, mama! This is NOT OK!!!”

It is not currently confirmed what the school board has done to resolve the issue.

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