Stephen Bear has posted yet another pornographic video onto his Twitter account this week, showing him and girlfriend Jessica Smith in bed together surrounded by ‘dollar bills.’

The video is flooded with comments from people on the app who were disgusted that the video was allowed to remain up on Twitter. One user wrote:

“How @TwitterSupport allow Stephen bears porn to be posted is shocking someone needs to shut twitter down until they sort their s**t.”

The reality TV star is set to go on trial next year after denying voyeurism and revenge porn charges. Stephen Bear is alleged to have secretly filmed himself having sex with a woman and uploading the footage online without her consent.

Stephen Bear shares yet another graphic video on Twitter

Stephen Bear is facing serious backlash online after sharing another explicit video on his Twitter account.

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The age limit for Twitter is thirteen, which means there are children on the app. When a video goes viral it is hard not to see it pop up on your timeline so plenty of young people may stumble across Stephen Bear’s videos unintentionally.

A petition has been set up, with the creator urging people to sign to “stop Stephen Bear from posting pornographic content on Twitter.”

They highlighted the need to “protect every child from having to view his videos involuntarily on their Twitter feed” and stated:

“No child should have to see anything like this and Twitter should NEVER allow this to happen!”

Why are Stephen Bear’s graphic videos allowed on Twitter?

People have called out Twitter for allowing this content on their platform. One user wrote: “@Twitter where are your community guidelines? Why haven’t you banned this vile behaviour?”

Twitter’s content guidelines explain that users are able to share graphic adult content as long as it is within a tweet rather than in a profile picture or header image.

The regulations state:

“You can share graphic violence and consensually produced adult content within your Tweets, provided that you mark this media as sensitive.”

In their content guidelines Twitter explains that they “recognise that some people may not want to be exposed to sensitive content,” so balance allowing people to share graphic media with helping people who want to avoid it do so. If you choose to share adult content on Twitter, you must mark your account as sensitive.

Twitter users call out Stephen Bear’s content

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