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Jurgen Klopp has claimed that it was ‘not so easy’ for the Leeds crowd during Liverpool’s 3-0 win at Elland Road on Sunday, as he told Sky Sports.

The Liverpool boss also claimed that ‘we could hear our people a little louder’ compared to the Leeds faithful that packed out Elland Road.

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Before the game, a lot was made about the difficult atmosphere that was going to be generated from the home crowd. 

And they did just that, but they still couldn’t prevent the away side from securing all three points. 

Nonetheless, this was the damning verdict from Klopp on the Leeds fans compared to Liverpool’s yesterday. 

“Leeds supporters, obviously an outstanding crowd,” said Klopp. “But when the team is 2-0 down, it’s not so easy. 

“Then, the other team as strong as we are, I think in a lot of moments, they tried to build up and we intercepted the ball. You can’t celebrate that. You can’t allow those moments. 

“So, we killed the atmosphere slightly and that’s why we could hear our people (Liverpool fans) a little louder. I am not surprised that they did a good job as well.” 

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It was an impressive victory from the Reds because they overcame a difficult away fixture to maintain their unbeaten start to the season.

Harvey Elliott’s unfortunate injury would have dampened the mood in the camp, no doubt. 

After the Liverpool teenager was stretched off in the second half, the mood around the place, along with the intensity of the game, did drop slightly and understandably so.

It was an unfortunate moment for all involved and, hopefully, Elliott can return to action as strong as ever because he has had an outstanding start to the season.

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