The NBA 2k22 MyCareer mode has dozens of difficult choices to make and one of them involves choosing Palmer Athletic or Berry and Associates as your agent.

2K’s newest instalment is fantastic for even people who aren’t fans of basketball. The City is an incredible playground full of countless activities and side jobs, meanwhile the story is an RPG with players aiming to dethrone the likes of Lebron James as the greatest of all time.

You make friends, you buy expensive clothes, and you get a sweet penthouse apartment, but – before any of this – you must first choose your representative.

NBA 2K22 | The City

NBA 2K22 | The City

Which agent should you choose in NBA 2K22?

You only get to choose between two agents in NBA 2K22: Palmer Athletic Agency and Berry and Associates.

The decision comes up in the Draft Day quest, and it’s a choice you must make even though you always end up in the big leagues regardless. In addition, you will still get to do all of the other stuff that makes sports stars big headed and untouchable such as becoming part of the music and fashion industry.

Whichever decision you make is entirely up to you, but just know that you will still get to do most activities regardless of who wins your signature.

Palmer Athletic Agency

The Palmer Athletic Agency is the agent you should choose in NBA 2K22 if you want to earn all of your virtual currency and stardom by becoming the best player.

Unlike Berry and Associates, they want to ensure that you become the best athlete possible by keeping your head small and firmly on your shoulders. You will get shoe deals and other sponsorships through this agency, but your rise to stardom will be much slower and earned.

Berry and Associates

Berry and Associates is for those who want to become the Lebron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Roger Federer of the City without putting in all of the hard effort and work first.

Instead of becoming the best athlete in your sport like Ronaldo and James, you will be catapulted to stardom by focusing on your personal brand. Rather than putting countless hours of work in the gym, you will be thrust into the fashion and music industry so you can quickly assault easily brainwashed masses with your terrible clothes and unsettling rap.

This is the option for players who want the most VC without being particularly great. We personally opt for Palmer Athletic because it’s the more serious choice whereas Berry and Associates feels like Conor McGregor the star instead of the credible athlete he used to be.

In other news, NBA 2K22: Should you choose Palmer or Berry as your agent?