BTS comeback 2021 can be sooner than fans earlier thought! BTS ARMY spots Billboard’s longest-charting group with a new look at MTV Video Music Awards acceptance speech and speculates a comeback announcement may arrive any moment.

On September 12th, BTS snagged three major wins at VMAs 2021 including the Group of the Year award, Best K-pop, and Song of the Summer award. (Butter)

While BTS ARMY slammed the award show claiming that BTS deserved to win in all fan-voted categories, some ‘moved on’ from the award show and quickly spotted BTS with quirky new hairstyles and theorized what are the possibilities of a Bangtan comeback at the second half of the year.

BTS comeback 2021, what we know so far

BTS has been booked and busy since May this year with one after another banger releases. The group released its official Summer anthem ‘Butter’ in May end and made it to Guinness Book of World Records with multitudes of achievements thanks to Butter’s overwhelming success.

Since then, the Grammy-nominated group has reigned in Billboard’s Hot 100 chart at number 1 position for over 10 weeks with ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission To Dance.’

While even without an album release, the 21st-century pop icons have been dominating the charts, BTS ARMY is of the opinion that an album from the group will also drop in the near future.

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RM, Suga, and Hobi sporting new hair color, could it be for music video shooting?

The acceptance of VMAs 2021 revealed Bangtan Boys in a brand new avatar. Hobi sported new Cherry pink hair, Yoongi went mint gray and Namjoon looked breathtaking with short Platinum-blonde hair.

Fans also didn’t fail to notice Kim Taehyung wearing a large ring, ‘too fancy’ for just an Awards Show speech they concluded. A fan said, “New hair!!! Pink Hobi, Silver Yoongi, Platinum Joon! Does that mean comeback is around the corner?’

Another fan echoed the thoughts saying, “BTS new hair because they’re having a comeback call me a genius!”

Pointing at BTS V’s ‘giant ring’ and more, a fan commented, ‘that’s a really giant ring (??) also their hair looks way too nice for an acceptance speech for the vmas….what were they filming… what do they have coming up? the fact music awards performance!”

“Everyone in button-up shirts looks like they’d hastily pulled them on, presumably after filming something else,” a fourth fan explained.

BTS at UN General assembly as Presidential envoy

While a comeback announcement is yet to substantiate, BTS has confirmed their presence at the 76th UN general assembly as a Presidential envoy. The South Korean septet will address the young population speaking on ‘Youth today.’ Read all about the event today here.

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