22 year-old Gabby Petito has been reported missing by her family whilst on a road trip across the US with boyfriend Brian Laundrie.

A GoFundMe page was set up to raise funds to help the search for Gabby. The page has raised almost $8000 at the time of writing and the description reads:

“While we are working with the FBI, multiple law enforcement agencies, and outside resources to pursue any and all leads the family will need funds and resources to travel and pay for expenses related to an investigation and search on the other side of the country, any help is appreciated.”

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22 year-old Gabby Petito goes missing

Gabby was reported missing to the Suffolk County Police Department by her family on September 11th at around 6:55pm. Police said in a press release:

“According to family, they were last in contact with her during the last week of August. Prior to the last communication, Petito is believed to have been in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.”

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Gabby’s father Joe Petitotold Newsday that his daughter’s disappearance felt like “drowning with your hands tied behind you.”

He said: “You can’t describe it. There’s nothing you can do. You can’t control anything.”

Who is Brian Laundrie?

Brian Laundrie is Gabby Petito’s boyfriend. The two were travelling across the US for two months in a 2012 Ford white van converted into a camper.

The couple shared updates of their trip on social media and also created a YouTube page where they shared a video of their journey.

In a post on Instagram Brian wrote:

“Downsizing our life to fit into this itty bitty van was the best decision we’ve ever made. With the limited space we wanted to take advantage of every inch, while also keeping everything minimalist.”

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